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Karnataka : Incidence of Agricultural Power Subsidies

Who benefits from the large electricity subsidy provided to farmers in Karnataka? This note looks at the distribution of the annual subsidy, finding it to be quite inequitable. By far the largest beneficiaries are medium and large farmers and the great majority of the rural population receive no benefits at all.

Imports of Food Products: Need for High Tariffs

The agricultural sectors in the European Union countries and the US are provided with large amounts of subsidies by governments. The subsidies causes excess supply of food products in these countries, which makes producers to dump it into developing economies by cutting prices below long-run marginal costs. This note shows that high tariffs can be used to convert the additional revenues realised by the foreign producers through dumping into tariff revenue of the Indian government. The tariff revenue can be utilised to increase investment in Indian agricultural sector to improve productivity.

Agricultural Reforms: Some Unaddressed Issues

VS Vyas has with characteristic clarity addressed several issues related to agricultural reforms in his essay on the subject (EPW, March 10-16, 2001). By his own admission, he has left out a few other aspects due to paucity of space. Using the context of the discussion launched by Vyas in his essay, this article proposes to highlight a few of these unaddressed issues.
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