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Foodgrain Availability and Possibilities of Famine in Bangla Desh

Famine in Bangla Desh Swadesh R Bose Much has been said and written about the foodgrain situation in Bangla Desh and the prospects of a famine there during 1971 and 1972. Those responsible for these grim prognostications have, however, not sufficiently considered several important factors relevant to the problem.

The Class Character of the Pakistani State

N K Chandra The Muslim League, the main political force behind the creation of Pakistan, was from its inception dominated by two classes: the zamindars from north-west India and the traders from western India. Even after the numerically dominant poor Muslim peasants from East Bengal rallied to the League, its organisation remained very firmly under the control of these two classes.

Social Background of Bangla Desh

Ramkrishna Mukherjee Aryanisation did not come to Bengal till as late as in the fifth century AD, Even then, the people of Bengal went under the Brahminical way of life because of the accompanying economic domination and privileges. The Hindus of Bengal, however, stayed consolidated by their Bengali affiliation and were correspondingly alienated from the Hindus in the rest of India. The bulk of East Bengal, which was riverine, was not easily accessible from the west and it remained distinct in its creeds and cults.
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