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NEED TO STRENGTHEN CAPITAL FUNDS OF COMMERCIAL BANKS- Credit Plans being formulated for all Lead Districts

SPEAKING at the Twentieth Annual General Meeting of the share- holders held in Bombay on Monday, 31st Mardi 1975, Chairman, Shri R K Talwar, dwelt on the need to strengthen the capital funds of banks. This could be done by augmenting the reserves or the equity base. Whether the equity capital was provided by the Government or by the public, including bank employees, Shri Talwar said it would have to be serviced. For this purpose sustained efforts would be re- quired to generate internal surpluses.

EID-Parry Limited

April 4, 1970 a reference to advances to State Electricity Boards for the energisation of wells in the rural areas. In my view, there is no justification in relaxing the usual test of viability even in such cases. With the establishment of the Rural Electrification Corporation, the scope for commercial banks for granting direct finance for rural electrification has narrowed down and it is desirable that assistance is provided by way of investment in the bonds of the Corporation; assistance could, of course, be granted to the Boards by way of short- term loans to meet their interim requirements pending release of loans by the Rural Electrification Corporation.

Notable Progress in Meeting Objectives-Accent on Assistance to Small Man

Notable Progress in Meeting Objectives Accent on Assistance to Small Man Speaking at the 15th Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders in Ahmedabad on March 26, 1970, Shri R K Talwar, Chairman, State Bank of India, reviewed the operations of the Bank and its Subsidiaries during 1969, against the perspective of the economic situation in the country.
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