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Planning and Concentration of Economic Power

Economic Power Deepak Lal This paper has two interrelated themes. The first concerns a reappraisal of the role of planning in facilitating the efficient interand intra- temporal allocation of resources. It is necessary to re-state these results of the theory and practice of planning, to attack what is perhaps one of the most important factors retarding growth in India

Putting Teeth into the Monopolies Act

Within the short period of one year it has become obvious that if the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act is to achieve the objectives for which it was enacted, some of its more important provisions will have to be amended and the procedure of its administration will need to be changed. That the need for these amendments should have become apparent in so short a time shows how unimaginatively and carelessly the Act had been drafted.

Social Control of Private Business

'Eliot' Much of the confusion in the field of industrial policy since 1967 has resulted from the fact that, while Government has announced certain apparently radical approaches, the rationale behind them and the guidelines for their actual implementation have not been properly enunciated. This has adversely affected both governmental and entrepreneurial decision-making.
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