Explorations in Pragmatic Economics Selected papers of George A Akerlof
The Past at Every Corner Delhi: Ancient History edited by Upinder Singh; Social Science Press, New Delhi, Shonaleeka Kaul Delhi: Ancient History, as its introduc- tion tells you, is a
Women and the Politics of Class by Johanna Brenner
This paper re-examines the monetary aggregation procedure in India in the context of the new monetary aggregates proposed by the Third Working Group of the Reserve Bank of India.
characterisations, and it must be admitted that his writing does smack of overkill, the problem remains. How do we explain the continued existence of a depressing ground level reality that everyone...
Harsh Sethi Development, Ethnicity and Human Rights in South Asia by Ross Mallick; Sage Publications, Delhi, 1998; pp 375, Rs 425. MOST current tracts on human rights locate themselves within the...
Ashok Mitra The Mirror of Class: Essays on Bengali Theatre by Himani Bannerji; Papyrus, Calcutta, 1998; pp 240, Rs 200. IT would be an outrageous proposition to suggest that the Bengali theatre the...
on the part of the Bengali middle class to de-class their identity through the praxis of the stage has its thrills, even as the tragedy it triggered is deeply wounding.


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