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Changing Consciousness of Central American Women

Bobbye Suckle Ortiz Recent years have witnessed an awakening of women's consciousness in Latin America as a whole, and a burgeoning of multiform activities arising out of and responding to, their specific, daily, concrete experiences

Wife-Husband Relations-Differences between Peasant Households and Modern Professional-Class Families in North-Eastern Italy

Differences between Peasant Households and Modern Professional-Class Families in North-Eastern Italy Luisa Accati Levi This article compares and contrasts two patterns typically found in the life histories of two groups of women

Women s Employment and the Household-Some Findings from Calcutta

Some Findings from Calcutta Hilary Standing with the collaboration of Bela Bandyopadhyaya The precise effects of women's participation in waged work on the family-based household have received little detailed attention until recently. This is particularly the case in many Third World urban contexts where female labour force participation rates have been traditionally low until the recent emergence of opportunities for women in 'new' gender-segregated industries, such as electronics assembly, for instance.

Household as a First Stage in a Study of Urban Working-Class Women

of Urban Working-Class Women Alice Thorner Jyoti Ranadive The main purpose of the study on which this paper is based is to explore the lives of working-class women in a major Indian industrial city. We have tried to understand just how girls brought up in the villages and brought abruptly to Bombay at the time of their marriage (sometimes a few years before, more typically a relatively short time after) adapt to urban ways. We have enquired into the ways in which living in the city, in physical conditions quite different from those to which they are accustomed in the countryside, speaking other languages, have influenced their behaviour and their ideas.


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