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From Metaphysical to Political John Rawls Revised Version of Liberalism

From Metaphysical to Political: John Rawls' Revised Version of Liberalism Prakash Sarangi Political Liberalism by John Rawls; Columbia University Press, New York, 1993.

Delinking or Globalisation

Delinking: Towards a Polycentrk World, by Samir Amity Zed Books, London, 1990; Eurocentrism, by Satnir Amin; Zed Books, London, 1989; Maldevelopment: Anatomy of a Global Failure, by Samir Amin; Zed Books/United Nations University, London/Tokyo, 1990.

Dependency Theory, Peasants and Third World Food Crisis

Dependency Theory, Peasants and Third World Food Crisis Gall Omvedt The Crisis In African Agriculture by Mohamed Lamine Gakou; Zed Books, London, 1987.

Tax Reform in India

Tax Reform in India Richard M Bird Interim Report of the Tax Reforms Committee (December 1991; pp 184), Final Report

Decay of Higher Education

Decay of Higher Education Padmini Swaminathan Higher Education Reform In India: Experience and Perspectives, edited by Suma Chitnis and Philip G Altbach; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1993; pp 438, Rs 395.

Post-Colonial World and Political Science in-Transition

Post-Colonial World and Political Science in Transition Neera Chandhoke Rethinking Third World Politics edited by James Manor; Longman, London, 1991; pp 283.

Reflections on the Status of Planning

Reflections on the Status of Planning Nirmal Mukarji Decentralised Planning: The Karnataka Experiment by Abdul Aziz; Sage Publications, New Delhi, 1993; pp 259, Rs 250.

Social Causes of Hunger

Porus Olpadwala An End to Hunger? The Social Origins of Food Strategies: A Report prepared for the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development and for the South Commission based on UNRISD research on food systems and society by Solon L Barraclough; Zed Books, London, 1991; pp 284.

Problem of Rural Credit in India

A Review of the Agricultural Credit System in India: Report of the Agricultural Credit Review Committee. Reserve Bank of India, Bombay, 1990; pp xv + 1074, Rs 211.

Necessities and Luxuries

Necessities and Luxuries Andre Beteille The Culture of Flowers by Jack Goody; Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 1993; pp xvii + 462, price not stated.

A-Way with Their Wor(l)d-Rural Labourers through the Postmodern Prism

A-Way with Their Wor(l)d Rural Labourers through the Postmodern Prism WHAT originally started out as a review of two recently published collections about south Asian history and society [Haynes and Prakash 1991 and Prakash 1992] offers a timely opportunity to comment on the impact and implications of what purports to be an entirely new approach to the study of agrarian change, and the role in this of peasants and workers in general and unfree rural labour in particular.1 At times during the immediate past it has seemed as though development theory about agricultural labour has imploded, a consequence of on the one hand economists (for example, Srinivasan 1989) who reduce it to an epiphenomenon of mathematics, and on the other non-economists who question the very existence/possibility of development itself.2 Into the latter category falls postmodernism, which propounds something akin to a form of Cultural individualism', or the politico-ideological equivalent of bourgeois economic individualism, and which

Determinants of Business Behaviour

Determinants of Business Behaviour David Murray Sumit Majumdar Enterprise and Competitiveness: A Syatema View of International Buaineaa by Mark Casson; Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1990; pp ix + 229.


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