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Universal Man: John Maynard Keynes

Universal Man: The Seven Lives of John Maynard Keynes by Richard Davenport-Hines, New York: Basic Books, 2015.

Making of the Mizo Identity

Being Mizo: Identity and Belonging in Northeast India by Joy L K Pachuau, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2014; pp 290 , Rs 895.

Migration and Development

Migration and Development Binod Khadria The Impact of International Migration on Developing Countries edited by Reginald Appleyard; OECD, Paris, 1989; pp 404, price FF 180.

Textbook on China s Modernising Quest

efficiently and would also serve the needs and aspirations of their populations better than the present mammoth state: And, as the experience of Punjab and Haryana, form- ed in 1966 by division of the then state of Punjab brings out, economic development could also be more rapid in them than in the present states.

Multinational Affiliates in India-Why Are They Different from Indian Firms

Multinational Affiliates in India Why Are They Different from Indian Firms? Sebastian Morris Multinational Enterprises in India-Industrial Distribution, Characteristics and Performance by Nagesh Kumar, Routledge, London and New York, 1990, pp x +141.

Small Is Not Beautiful

Small and Cottage Industries: A Study in Assam by Prabin Baishya; Manas Publications, Delhi, 1989; pp xv + 336, Rs 225. THE book under review is "based on a study on role of small and cottage industries in the state of Assam and is based on field investigation and studies". The field study was undertaken with three broad objectives: (i) evaluation of the operative conditions of the industries, (ii) assessment of their specific problems, and (iii) suggestions for their improvement. The substantive part of the book is a field study in five centres of village industrial concentration and five sample villages containing 25 industries divided into two groups of 14 cottage and 12 small industries. The author with a view to making the survey a 'diagnostic' one has made painstaking efforts to analyse all relevant aspects of the surveyed industries. The survey has brought out revealing information about income and employment generation, and about the numerous problems that beset these industries.

Early Subordination

Early Subordination Sukumari Bhattacharji The Perfect Wife: The Orthodox Hindu Woman According to the Stridharmapaddhali of Tryambakayajvan by I Julia Leslie; Oxford University Press, 1989; Rs 225.

From Zero-Sum Games to Armageddon

From Zero-Sum Games to Armageddon Abu Abdullah Rural Bangladesh: Competition for Scarce Resources by Eirik Jansen; Norwegian University Press; pp 35] THE story Eirik Jansen has to tell about Bangladesh agriculture, developed over ten chapters, is a simple one with a bleak conclusion. Rural Bangladesh is characterised, and its dynamics determined, by an unrelenting competition over scarce resources. The rich farmers, those with a surplus, compete to acquire land, not from each other, but from those farmers with a deficit budget. The usual method of acquisition is through a credit relation where the deficit farmer's land is used as collateral, and is ultimately transferred to the lender when the borrower proves unable to repay the loan. The rich have an unquenchable thirst for land, but are unable or unwilling to utilise it more productively. The poor for their part compete among themselves for the opportunities, limited as that are, that the rich can offer them' to balance their budget

Blood, Sweat and Struggle

Blood, Sweat and Struggle Gurbir Singh The Long Haul: The Historic Bombay Textile Strike by Rajni Bakshi; Build Documentation Centre; pp xiii + 254; not priced.

Documenting Shifts and Eddies

made no statement of its stand on abortion (but has been heavily critical of the government family planning programme), these services are available in many areas of the zone especially to combatants. Women's organisation many of whom believe that women's liberation can occur only within a different level of collective consciousness, are actively working to encourage and train campesina women to take up responsibilities outside the domestic sphere.

Battling State, Church and Party

the shariat, writes Ahmed, muslim women have "unfailing right" to maintenance and are guaranteed against destitution. Though Section 125 and the shariat both demand that the liability to maintain the divorced wife is on the husband, if however the husband cannot pay, "then under Section 125 no order of maintenance can be passed against him". But the muslim law guarantees, claims Ahmed, "the wife is entitled to maintenance from her husband in any case


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