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Two Missing Women of Karimnagar

Two 'Missing' Women of Karimnagar K Balagopal Two young activists of a women agricultural labourers' organisation were abducted and killed in the reign of N T Rama Rao who never thought of controlling the police; the enquiry into their 'disappearance' was ordered and brutally frustrated in the reign of Chenna Reddy who made vocal but empty promises of restoration of political control over the police; and it continues now in the reign of Janardhan Reddy who has come to power in perhaps the most unspeakably cynical exhibition of political gangsterism Indian democracy has witnessed.

Countdown Has Begun for Bush

Jacques Vallon Bush no longer considers himself the president of the US but as the global president who must perpetually carry the big stick to teach the Kiplingesque lower breeds their place in the world order. In doing so he has chosen the instrument of war, but that will not solve his problems, nor for that matter those of Rocard and Major.

Distortion of Census Data on Scheduled Tribes

her effort, but also of the judicial officer's impatience with her evident lack of a sense or that august institution's notion of relevance and irrelevance. And yet she had no reason to worry about the consequences, for she had deftly left enough unsaid to have her excuses ready in case inspector Mogilaiah were to pay her home a visit later in the week. It was a task that would have daunted a lesser person, but this illiterate peasant woman handled it with dexterity, and left asking the civil liberties people whether "it came out all right".

Freeing the Ganga Waters

Indu Bharti Bihar has finally abolished the 'panidari' system by which fisher folk and others plying their trade on a long stretch of the Ganga in Bhagalpur district had to pay debilitating taxes to overlords who claimed to 'own' the waters since Mughal times.


Vahini. It was particularly the Chhatra Yuva Sangharsh Vahini which encouraged the fisherfolk to form an organisation of their own. Thus was formed ihe Jal Shram ik Sangha which began to fight against the age old exploitation and op- pression. Later on the Jal Shramik Sangha along with some other social organisations formed the Ganga Mukti Andolan. Several protest boat processions followed from Bhagalpur to Patna. 'No-tax' campaigns were also organised. As in the past, the 'panidars' musclemen tried to suppress the agitations by terrorising and even killing the fishermen.

The Bloody Trail-Ramjanmabhoomi and Communal Violence in UP

The Bloody Trail Ramjanmabhoomi and Communal Violence in UP Asghar Ali Engineer The wave of communal violence engineered all over the country in the wake of the BJP's 'rath yatra' and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad's 'kar seva' has been the worst since 1947. In UP chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, abandoning his erstwhile 'secular' postures, has been a virtual bystander as anti-Muslim riots have erupted in most parts of the state. He has chosen not to act against either the incendiary propaganda campaign mounted by the VHP and the BJP or the partisan brutality of the PAC.

MAHARASHTRA-The Loyalty Test

and Ghati Mamu Bhanja in the Mantola police station area and aimed at and shot people inside their houses. The victims included Mohammad Nasim, 40, who was climbing up the stairs of his house. Even six days after the incident, blood could still be seen on the stairs. Jamal, an 18-year old boy, was shot dead while he was brushing his teeth, while Babubhai, 35, was hit by a bullet when playing with his three-year old son. According to Haji Islam Qureshi, this was a Muslim area and there had been no communal trouble there AFTER the ouster of the party's chief ministers in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it was only a matter of time that a similar exercise in self-destabilisation would be carried out by the Congress(l) high command in Maharashtra also, the one remaining state with a Congress(I) chief minister. It was therefore no surprise when a well-orchestrated chorus by his own cabinet colleagues began for the resignation of Sharad Pawar. Only, this time it seems very probable that the party leadership has bitten more than it can chew.

Security Forces Abuse Human Rights-AI Report on Oinam

AI Report on Oinam IN October 1990, the Amnesty International (AI) completed its study of 'Operation Bluebird', the name given to a counterattack by the Assam Rifles in Manipur of a violent raid on a military outpost by the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN). The attack took place in July 1987 in Oinam, Manipur, when members of the NSCN killed nine Assam Rifles soldiers before escaping with arms and ammunition. Since this episode Oinam and the surrounding area have been subjected to the combing techniques employed by the Assam Rifles as they retaliate in this most recent round of violent exchanges between the Naga movement for autonomy and the central government's repression. A hardline combing operation launched in August 1987 has killed at least 14 Manipur villagers, tortured others and detained many more; 125 houses have been burned and dismantled, grain stores, vegetable plots, domestic goods, and livestock looted. Women have been sexually abused, beaten; nor have children (several dozen) been spared.

BIHAR-Survival against Heavy Odds

Survival against Heavy Odds Indu Bharti Chief minister Laloo Prasad Yadav has succeeded in bringing a measure of stability and earnestness to the governance of chronically mismanaged Bihar But since in the process he has upset a variety of vested interests, the latter are using their political representatives to try to pull down his government.

Telling Only Half the Story-Gulf in the Mediav

tension in and around Patna, the Yadavas came out in the open to protect their Muslim brethren from the assaults of upper caste Hindus. Similar reports have come from other parts of the state also.

GATT, GATS and Ethnocentricity in MNCs-Brussels Draft Agreement on Services

GATT, GATS and Ethnocentricity in MNCs Brussels Draft Agreement on Services Binod Khadria The Draft Agreement on Trade in Services drawn up in Brussels in November last year raises a number of questions that must be answered before it can be accepted that this is even a minimally adequate package for the developing countries in return for all that the developed countries are clamouring for in the services sector.

Gulf Crisis and World Economy

Peter Custers Three clusters of economic interests are at stake in the west Asian situation: the mutually interwoven interests of oil barons, arms producers and bankers.


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