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Curbing Labour Struggles in Bhilai

Not only the industrialists, but the State and some of the Central trade unions are trying their best to break the workers' struggle in Bhilai ON February 4, the government of Madhya Pradesh arrested Shankar Guha Niyogi, Chaitishgarh Mukti Morcha leader on the pretext of his non-attendance in some old court cases. But the real reasons were different: it was part of the government's on-going attempts to suppress the workers' movement in Bhilai.

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are at risk from an occupational hazard, a disease called 'bends'. To quote from our 1985 survey report: "Due to absorption of nitrogen into the blood stream joints are likely to be affected. As a precaution nobody is allowed into the tunnel unless he is medically examined and certified fit by the doctor posted at the site''.

US-Iraq War Ten Theses on Late Imperialism

The relative decline of US economic investment and trade has increased the weight of the 'ideological and military' components of the US imperial state in shaping the priorities of policy and the instruments in pursuing them.

Housing in Delhi-DDA s Controversial Role

DDA's Controversial Role Sipra Maitra The basic objective of DDAs land development and housing policy was providing maximum shelter to the urban poor. But the organisation's activities have in fact subsidised the rich much more than the poor.

Metro Workers Fight Retrenchment

Sandip Bandyopadhyay Workers building Calcutta's prestigious Metro Railway Project who have had to put up with atrocious working conditions all these years have now been served unfair retrenchment orders.

Hinduisation of Ambedkar in Maharashtra

The co-option of Ambedkar into the Hindu fold is being carried out with considerable sophistication by the Hindutvawadi forces. In addition some Buddhists groups are doing their best to strip Ambedkar's ideology of its political content.

Dhirendranath Sen Cosmology of an Unknown Centurion

Dhirendranath Sen's unpublished Autobiography reveals how the world of the bhadralok had distinct linkages with colonialism, feudalism and business enterprise

Indian Labour Migration to Gulf Countries

The migration of Indian workers to Gulf countries increased from a trickle in 1976 to reach a peak level of 2,72,000 in 1981 after which it declined slowly till 1986.

American View of Soviet Military Power

dwellers do not have any pecuniary interest in protecting the forest which in many cases let them condone the criminal elements absorbed in felling forests for the town-based timber merchants. Their love for the forests is reflected in the fact that all their major festivals like 'Maghe', 'Baa' or 'Jomnoma' are centred around the relationship between the tribals and the environment. There is a clear appreciation of the natural resource cycle in all their festivals, and the veneration of nature is in a way a prayer for its stable maintenance.

Forests and Tribals of Jharkhand

Victor Das Ecology and the environment cannot be looked after by sitting in capital cities, delivering homilies and issuing directives. It is the forest-dwellers, the tribals who have an age-old symbiotic relationship with forests who must participate in the process.

Making of the Hyderabad Riots

Making of the Hyderabad Riots Asghar Ali Engineer Politicians, land-grabbers, anti-social elements and communal tensions all contributed to the genesis of the Hyderabad riots in which Hindus and Muslims were killed in almost equal numbers.

Distortion of Census Data on Scheduled Tribes

her effort, but also of the judicial officer's impatience with her evident lack of a sense or that august institution's notion of relevance and irrelevance. And yet she had no reason to worry about the consequences, for she had deftly left enough unsaid to have her excuses ready in case inspector Mogilaiah were to pay her home a visit later in the week. It was a task that would have daunted a lesser person, but this illiterate peasant woman handled it with dexterity, and left asking the civil liberties people whether "it came out all right".


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