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Out of Alignment Currency movements in the world markets in recent months have not been in tandem with the movements in interest rates or the underlying economic conditions in the different countries.

EDUCATION-Slowing Down

EDUCATION Slowing Down Krishna Kumar The report of the Department of Education for 1989-90 shows that what little energy had gathered in the bureaucratic machinery of education in the wake of the 1986 education policy had run

Compounding Injury-Medicare for Bhopal Gas Victims

stand, railway station and all approach roads to Nagpur to prevent Gaddar and team from entering Nagpur. Meanwhile, the Section 144 order was jointly challenged in the high court by Gaddar, ANM, IFTU, AMKU and UTUC(LS). The hearing of the case on February 11 continued for the full day. The judge finally passed an order only on the thirteenth

BIHAR-Centre against Bihar

dollar-mark rate surged to a new nine- month high. Only heavy central bank selling checked the rapid rise of the currency. The dollar's recent behaviour seems to have belittled the role of exchange rate as an asset market stock price, The currency's strength is said to have been based on the optimism permeating the exchange market that the US economy is experiencing a very shallow recession and that with the BIHAR Centre against Bihar Indu Bharti There has been a continuing traffic of Central ministers, including the prime minister himself, to Bihar with the explicit purpose of manoeuvring the ouster of the State government.

A Tale of Two Dams-Spectre Haunting Bharuch

higher education is no more than a bland catalogue of official programmes. Even a basic item of information like the ratio between salary-related expenses and the expenses incurred on academic activities and development cannot be obtained from this report. Those responsible for preparing this chapter owe an explanation to the public why the usability of the data assembled and published at a substantial expense should be targeted to be so low. The chapter on adult education reports the progress made under the National Literacy Mission which was launched in 1988. As is now customary, information is provided about the number of illiterates enrolled, the number of instructors and agencies involved, and the expenditure incurred, but no data are given to indicate the number of illiterate adults who became literate as a result of the adult education programme Apparently, the programme has either ignored the task of maintaining records of individual participants, or perhaps the success record is too poor to be maintained and revealed. An interesting development in adult education is the plan to involve college and university students. The report mentions that the National Literacy Mission has assigned to universities and colleges the task of 'covering' 5 lakh people in precisely is meant by this 'coverage* is

Gulf War and the New World Order

James Petras The US war in the Gulf is, in its broadest contours, an effort by the US to define a new military-centred global order in which markets, income and resource shares are defined not by technological market power, but by political military dominance THE United States war in the Gulf is an at- tempt to recreate Washington's role as world policeman, to re-subordinate Europe to US power, to intimidate the Third World into submission. In a sense it is an attempt to regain the position of global supremacy held by the United States at the end of the Second World War. In this sense George Bush is executing the political vision of the Reagan period in its most extreme fashion. The massive buildup of military power, the worldwide pressure on clients, allies, and neutrals to collaborate, the vast economic expenditures, the unprecedented unleashing of aerial bombardment, all speak of the momentous historical changes that underlie this war.

Restoration of Corporate Monarchy

Restoration of Corporate Monarchy? Madan Gopal Jajoo The charade of corporate democracy, which has been advanced as the justification for handing over Larsen and Toubro to the Ambanis a second time, rests on the chameleon-like acts of the financial institutions, with vital information deliberately withheld from the shareholders.

Narmada Sangharsh Yatra-State s Response and Its Consequences

State's Response and Its Consequences Amita Baviskar The reasons behind the government's refusal to reply constructively to the Narmada Bachao Andolan's arguments and demands or to engage in a meaningful debate reveal a great deal about the nature of the state and its fear of people's movements.

Oil From Crisis to Crisis

P G K Panikar Oil as a source of energy has certain unique characteristics which leads to periodic crises in the international oil market. How have different countries responded in the past? What has been the Indian response to the current crisis?

Land Grab, Bombay Style-Urban Development in Vasai-Virar Hinterland of Bombay

Land Grab, Bombay Style Urban Development in Vasai-Virar Hinterland of Bombay R N Sharma Urban development in India, especially in and around large cities, is today largely oriented to the expansion of private business with the government having little say in the control and direction of use of the main resource, land, A case in point.

Right to Smoke

structure, by acknowledging the existence of OBCs could go against the interest of CPI(M). Interestingly while the CPI(M) in other states, particularly the Hindi States has been forcefully demanding implementation of the Mandal Commission report and reservations, it is not ready to concede the same in West Bengal. While the demand in other States galvanises the Marxist image of the party, its denial is a strategy here to maintain the Marxist image and character. Former prime minister V P Singh replying to the debate on the Mandal Commission in parliament, said "We consciously want to give them a position in the decision-making process of the country, a share in the power structure. So mere arguments do not stand, if we understand basically what we are aiming at and what the malady is." But his new comrade-in-arms Jyoti Basu is not ready to subscribe to his political stand.

Curbing Labour Struggles in Bhilai

Not only the industrialists, but the State and some of the Central trade unions are trying their best to break the workers' struggle in Bhilai ON February 4, the government of Madhya Pradesh arrested Shankar Guha Niyogi, Chaitishgarh Mukti Morcha leader on the pretext of his non-attendance in some old court cases. But the real reasons were different: it was part of the government's on-going attempts to suppress the workers' movement in Bhilai.


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