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Malaysia s Chance

the scientific basis of its proposal. In a four-month written 'dialogue' with the irrigation department and the executive engineer of the Takari scheme, the committee elaborated its points. When a direct discussion finally took place, the engineers could find no points to dispute and had to finally ask for a more detailed plan for water distribution.

Lok Sabha Elections Major Issues

water gets highly contaminated. In view of these adverse socio-economic and ecological considerations the policy on sugar factories and sugarcane cultivation needs to be radically reviewed; otherwise these activities would become a severe drag on the State's agricultural and rural development.

Global Solidarity on Women s Health

Women's Health Malini Karkal The Sixth International Women and Health meeting held in Manila in November last evidenced a growth of regional consciousness and also the forging of closer ties among women on health and reproductive issues.

CITU Fundamental Confusions

undiscriminating and unconditional support to the National Front umbrella. In other words the Left has to retain its freedom to withhold support to persons like Arun Nehru, Bansi Lal and their ilk. By the same token, if there be a Con- gress(I) personality with a record of democratic-secular-egalitarian positions, the Left should retain its right to stand by him.

Movement for Water-Takari Peasants Struggle in Maharashtra

Takari Peasants' Struggle in Maharashtra Gail Omvedt Bharat Patankar The people of Khanapur taluka in Maharashtra have been agitating against a government irrigation scheme supposedly aimed at abolishing drought in the region. In reality, the scheme will only make a few villages prosperous leaving the rest untouched.

Makings of an Imperial Presidency

Frederick F Clairmonte Given Kuwait's vast global financial interests, it was to be expected that the US would intervene to protect these interests. And in the bargain the Gulf war has served for Bush and the political caste on Capitol Hill the important purpose of exorcising the spectre of Indochina.

Legislative Control of Public Spending

Legislative Control of Public Spending K P Joseph Much of the Central budget during the last three years has been voted without any discussion in parliament and over 4 per cent of all Central government expenditure is incurred in the last three months of the financial year. There is no systematic examination of budget proposals by expert select committees. Legislative control over the budget is becoming progressively illusory IN round numbers government spends about Rs 2,00,000 crore a year, out of which half is spent by the Central government and the other half by ail the State governments combined. More than a third of the resource of the State governments comes from the Central government. The Centra] government itself keeps its accounts. The accounts of the State governments are for the most part kept by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), who also audits the accounts of the Central and State governments and presents his audit reports to the legislatures. Theoretically, the Indian taxpayer is well served and should have no grounds for unhappiness over the way government is handling public money, as the legislatures have complete control over public spending, first through approving the budget which covers all spending proposals and later through examining the annual accounts and audit reports. The CAG enjoys complete independence under the Constitution to audit all transactions without fear or favour. He has more independence than his counterparts in other countries.

Education as if Women Mattered

monthly interest cost of half to one per cent. It is another matter that exports may come down due to the fall in the licence premium and worsen the foreign exchange reserves position.

Enhanced Cash Margins on Imports-Fury without Fire

Enhanced Cash Margins on Imports Fury without Fire Arun Goyal Will the measures announced by the Reserve Bank to curb the flow of imports achieve their purpose given the import dependence of the economy and the significantly higher margins in importing operations compared to procuring like goods from the domestic economy?

Crisis of Confidence in Gujarat

to their new consciousness about the roots of the system, women are now determined to actively encourage 'devadasis' to join them in the programme. Some have even pledged that they will not allow any more girls from their village to be dedicated.

Gulf War A Different View

inspect accounts do not take with them the paid vouchers from their headquarters for verification of the amount with the office copies kept in the department. Major frauds can be easily detected in this way. This is serious dereliction of duty.

Suppression of Cultural Expression in Maharashtra

the important studies and planning regarding the dam, including command area treatment, catchment area treatment, seismicity, carrying capacity, rehabilitation, etc, which were specified in the conditions are still incomplete and no proposals to complete them were received from the concerned State governments till January 31,1991. Specific to this issue, it is not clear that any grouting experiments were ever performed.


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