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ANDHRA PRADESH-Recurring Patterns

ANDHRA PRADESH Recurring Patterns M Shatrugna The choice of candidates by both the Congress(I) and the TDP, the two principal contestants in the coming elections, reflects the pattern of dominance of different castes in the three regions of the State

Tinkering with Higher Education

this time- While big money and muscle power wilI play a major role in the Andhra region, the gun will rule the roast in the Rayala- seema region. The portents are seen in the Cuddapah constituency where the Con- gress(l) musclcman Y S Raja Sekhar Reddy (a former minister who was involved in a shooting case in the State secretariat premises when he was holding the education portfolio) is contesting. The polling date was initially postponed from May 20 to 26 as the Election Commission thought that the constituency was 'super sensitive' and hence needed 'special' attention. It was later reverted to the original schedule after the TDP had protested against the change of dates.

Tripura and Election Commission

Tripura and Election Commission A Correspondent Nine IAS officers in Tripura have submitted a letter to the Election Commission expressing their apprehension that 'concerted efforts' may be made by the State government to subvert the electoral process. Yet curiously enough the Election Commission has chosen to disregard the mass election-eve transfer of officials in the State THE Election Commission has been commended for asking the State governments of Bihar, Raj a st han, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to stay the transfer of officials on the eve of the elections. Though, strictly speaking, these governments did not go against the letter of the law as they ordered the large-scale transfers just before the Election Commission's deadline for making such changes, they clearly violated the spirit of the law. As these transfers were politically motivated and were clearly undertaken to further the prospects of the ruling parties in these states in the forthcoming elections, according to some sources, this crack-down on the erring State governments has gone a long way in reestablishing the credibility of the Election Commission and has also demonstrated without any doubt that the commission cannot be trifled with.

Uneven Benefits of German Unification

of their own. For instance Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, RPP (Thapa); and the Nepal Sadbhavana Party will bag many ieajs on their own and in many constituencies their presence will cause the defeat of Nepali Congress candidates.

Uncertain Election Prospects in Nepal

in Nepal Brahmanand Mishra None of the political parties, not even the well-organised Left, appears to have taken seriously the significant gains for democracy after the overthrow of the party-less Panchayati Raj a year ago.

The Press and Jan Vikas Sangharsh Yatra

Sangharsh Yatra Ashish Kothari A clear link between the government of Gujarat and the Gujarati media was revealed not merely by the fact that the latter periodically parroted everything that Chimanbhai Patel or other politicians said, but also by the similarities between official press handouts and the news reports in various papers.

Aligarh Hospital Massacre Fact and Fiction

then, lies precisely here: in that she has managed to communicate directly with the woman voter in the State on a matter that is of existential and everyday concern to us. The current election campaigns have demonstrated that political parties have added one more gesture to their existing repertoire of ritual genuflections towards the landless, the homeless, the dalits, the tribals, the minorities; now politicians of all hues refer to "women's equality and emancipation'. But it is Jayalalitha who has managed to bring to her campaign an 'authenticity'. After all, injured innocence and abused womanhood are eloquent in themselves and especially so to an avid film-watching public that, then, consents to systematic violence against women choosing to take note of woman-related violence only if issues of 'womanly honour and chastity' are involved.

TAMIL NADU-The Grand Opera Unfolds

to the holding of elections in the State could hardly have impressed the election commissioner. Since the Congress(I)-TUJS alliance forcibly captured power in the State in 1988, there have been four elections in Tripura. Each one of them has been marred by electoral violence and large-scale rigging and booth capturing in which ministers and MLAs of the ruling parties have participated actively along with their armed anti-social henchmen. The opposition has either had to withdraw its candidates or has had to boycott the counting of votes. In the Fatikroy by- election and in the last general elections, armed miscreants under the leadership of Congress(I) ministers drove out polling agents of the opposition parties and genuine voters from polling booths and stamped the ballot papers according to their own choice.

A Panorama of Polemics

Ashok V Desai India's Mixed Economy: The Role of Ideology and Interest in Its Development by Baldev Raj Nayar; Popular Prakashan, Bombay, 1989; The Political Econopiy of India's Public Sector: Policy and Performance by Baldev Raj Nayar; Popular Prakashan, Bombay, 1990; pp ix + 323. Rs 300.

Caste and Bihar Politics

Ravindra Kumar Verma Though the backward castes constitute nearly 60 per cent of Bihar's electoratejill the early years of the 1970s these castes were politically not significant. 1977 was the turning point in their political organisation when reservation for backward castes in government service was introduced.

Information Game Lesson from Gulf War

functions.. Although term financing by banks and directly from the capital market has been growing, would a historically British-oriented banking system be able to move over to a wholly integrated German-style functioning? Will it have the skills and resources? Instead of a water-tight demarcation of functions, what seems to be practicable is definition of fairly high minimum levels of term lending for financial institutions, thus increasing the scope for banks without banishing the financial institutions altogether from what has been their main business.

Charade of Preparing the Eighth Plan

Charade of Preparing the Eighth Plan BM The present Planning Commission has neither the political authority nor the policy direction to try to put together the draft of the Eighth Plan. The planners should, therefore, avoid being pushed into unviable positions by a group of self-serving politicians with populist pretensions.


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