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Fact Finding Report: Independent Inquiry into Muzaffarnagar "Riots"

A team of independent academics and a journalist carried out an inquiry into the communal violence that shook Muzaffarnagar district in UP this past September. The report (as a PDF) is based on the findings of the team during its visit to Muzaffarnagar district on the 9 and 10 November and again on 27 November.

No Rights to Live in the Forest

Victims of ill-conceived policies governing forest resources and environmental conservation, the Van Gujjars, a pastoral nomadic community residing in the Rajaji National Park, are struggling to get their forest rights and entitlements under the FRA Act, 2006.

Crusade Against Sand Mafia

Jazeera's struggle against the sand mafia of Kerala cannot be seen in isolation from her own fight to safeguard her children's as well as her own right to life as a marginalised citizen. In this, what Jazeera sets forth to achieve is uniquely embedded in individualism, yet her case for the protection of environment is universal.

Untangling Telangana

Fears in Andhra Pradesh over the sharing of Krishna and Godavari waters, government jobs, personal safety, state assets and liabilities, and Article 371 (D) are for the most part not based on an awareness of the steps that can be taken to allay them. The ‘real’ conflict is over the way the division of the state and the position of Hyderabad will affect the power bases of the state’s two ruling castes, the Reddys and Kammas. The people, who only need peace and development, could do without this.

Gujarat: Patriarchy Revisited - A Dress Code for Teachers

Instead of focusing on the educational infrastructure and cultivating the right educational atmosphere in the state, the Gujarat government, absurdly, is trying to enforce a dress code for women teachers. The move is an attempt to control women’s sexuality, while at the same time it impinges upon the personal freedom to dress according to one’s faith.

Tripura's Tryst with Literacy

Tripura’s achievement in ensuring near full literacy is a consequence of initiatives taken at the level of governance, peoples’ participation and political will.

Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh: Almost a Fait Accompli?

The fears being created and played upon by the politicians in the Seemandhra movement about the bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh are overblown and unrealistic.


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