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Quit Mizoram Notices

Considered an island of peace in the conflict-ridden region of north-east India, the discrimination and harassment of the non-Mizos in Mizoram borders on xenophobia. Time and again, quit Mizoram notices have been served by non-state actors to minorities, creating an atmosphere of fear and persecution

Mining Without Consent

The recent identification of chromite deposits in two districts of Manipur, Ukhrul and Chandel, has led the government to grant mining clearances disregarding constitutional provisions. While environmental degradation and tribal displacement due to chromite mining in Odisha is well documented, the administration is yet to learn from Odisha’s mistakes.

Reclaiming Khagrabari

A detailed account from the ground of the attacks on Muslim villagers in western Assam by suspected Bodo militants, of its causes and of how efforts were put in place to quickly return the survivors to their villager to defeat the militants’ intentions of ethnic cleansing.

Tribal detour in Darjeeling Hills

Tribal identity in the mountainous Darjeeling area of West Bengal is being used as a tool by the state to dismantle the renewed Gorkha agitation. An analysis of the ways in which the classificatory arrangement by which the state identifies and designates communities as tribes has become a politically provocative and productive tool to divide the hill communities.

The Bare Lives of Kashmiris

Given the scale of human rights violations and miscarriage of justice in Kashmir, there is an urgent need to set up something akin to international criminal tribunal for the state. For the present legal institutions in Kashmir, it seems, are programmed more to serve the interests of the Indian state in the name of “national security” than to dispense justice.

Why the Maharashtra Housing Act, 2012 Should be Repealed

Does the Maharashtra Housing Act, 2012, notified for implementation on 24 th February 2014, weaken the existing legal architecture available under the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1963? Or does it strengthen the proposed framework under the Real Estate Bill, 2013 or nullifies the reform provisions provided under it? This article attempts to unfold and decipher the provisions of the Maharashtra Housing Act, 2012 vis-à-vis the Real Estate Bill, 2013, with the provisions of the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1963 in hindsight, which this Act has now repealed.

Moving Backwards

Given the level of socio-economic development of the majority Meitei community and their political domination of the state of Manipur, their demand to be classified as a scheduled tribe is absurd. It is inconsistent with the very idea of scheduling of tribes as envisaged in the constitution and the principle of positive discrimination.

The Gujarat Model of Development

Narendra Modi’s famed model of economic growth will only exacerbate the disasters wrought by the neoliberal economics of UPA. Far from championing him, industries and the middle class should take note of how his policies will eventually harm their own economic interests in the long run.

Flouting Safety Norms, Endangering Lives

Repeated industrial accidents at the Bhushan Steel and Power Company in Odisha reveal not only the company’s brazen disregard for human life and proclivity for flouting safety norms, but also the state government’s indifference to its transgressions.

Will the flow end?

A preliminary study in the Tarai region of Uttarakhand has revealed a depleting water flow in the artesian wells used for agricultural purposes, due to over exploitation of the aquifers. This coupled with deforestation, global warming and unpredictable weather patterns could damage an otherwise sustainable and eco-sensitive agricultural practice.

Tribals in Jharkhand: Religion and Identity Politics

The recent controversy among Christian and non-Christian tribals over the portrayal of Mother Mary (statue) in Singpur village in Dhurwa near Ranchi, if not solved amicably, could have far reaching consequences for the social harmony of Jharkhand.

A Tragedy Unfolding

The continuing deaths of infants and children due to malnutrition in Attappady, the only tribal block in Kerala, reflects the state government’s apathy towards addressing issues germane to the tribals residing in the region.


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