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Divided Presents and Pasts

Kashmir’s rich historical traditions, replete with stories and folklore drawn from a multilingual tradition of historical composition in Sanskrit, Persian, and Kashmiri, get glossed over when its past is neatly divided into Hindu and Muslim periods.

Oil Palm Expansion

To bolster its edible oil security, India is aggressively pushing for oil palm cultivation in the country despite its well documented deleterious socio-economic and ecological impact. In this scenario, it becomes vital for the government to institute a comprehensive framework for initiating and monitoring oil palm cultivation and encourage sustainable agricultural practices.

Violence in Mewat-Tauru

Communal elements have managed to polarise the Meos and the Hindus over a road accident, leading to yet another riot-like situation. This divisive politics needs to be nipped in the bud as political parties will milk this to their electoral benefit just like the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots in Uttar Pradesh.

Maize Cultivation in Punjab

In a bid to break the wheat-paddy cropping cycle and promote crop diversity in Punjab, the state government is trying to encourage the cultivation of maize, which relatively consumes less water. This might help contain the steady decline in the water table in the state and restore the natural resource base, which is being eroded by this cropping pattern.

Vicissitudes of Gurdwara Politics

The demand of the Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee to oversee the functioning of gurdwaras represents the legitimate aspirations of the Sikhs of Haryana and more significantly, inversion against almost absolute hegemony of SAD over the management of Sikh shrines through Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee.

Dynamics of Ganja Cultivation in Manipur

In the absence of alternative means of livelihood, ganja cultivation for decades has been the mainstay of livelihood for many families in the backward district of Ukhrul, Manipur. For these poor cultivators, earning a living takes precedence over considerations of morality and dangers involved in the illegal cultivation of this crop.

Shedding the BIMARU Tag

The states of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan have been striving hard in the last decade to get rid of their BIMARU label. They have made impressive strides in the field of health and education, and their efforts to boost growth and mitigate poverty are worth noting.

Chennai Building Collapse

The brazen flouting of construction norms by unscrupulous builders coupled with official apathy towards these transgressions, perhaps, led to the collapse of an 11-storey building under construction in Chennai in June 2014, resulting in loss of life. An overhaul of the existing rules and regulations governing the construction industry, as well as putting stronger enforcement mechanisms in place could prevent such tragedies from recurring in future.

Erasing the 'Ugly' from 'City Beautiful'

The displacement of the poor from the informal tenements in Chandigarh indicates that the administration prioritises the “beautiful” city over an “inclusive” city. Repeated demolitions have rendered the original architects of this city homeless, raising questions on citizenship and struggle for space in a sanitised city.

Debt Bondage in the Sandstone Quarries of Rajasthan

With both the government and business refusing to even acknowledge the existence of the practice of bonded labour in stone quarries of Rajasthan, quarry workers in the state, it seems, are committed to a life of servitude.

Local Area Development Paradox

Despite an increase in allocation of local area development funds to councillors and mayors of the Corporation of Chennai over the last decade, their utilisation has dwindled. Whether this paradox could be attributed to plain and simple inertia afflicting the city councillors or bureaucratic hurdles, is something which needs to be analysed.

Drought Mitigation in Tamil Nadu

Sustained and focused efforts have to be made by the Tamil Nadu state government to provide relief and rehabilitation to the drought affected people of the state.


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