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Digitising Endangered Village Archives

Preservation of local records, rare Bengali manuscripts and copies of vernacular papers and little known local magazines, held in private collections and individual homes of villagers, becomes important, if we want rare insights into the past of the Sundarbans and understand it in all its variety.

Skewed Development Policies

Unnecessary and often excessive use of force by the government to silence legitimate protests of the adivasis and tribals affected by the Utkal Alumina project in Odisha, makes one wonder about the orientation of the state’s development policy.

Politics of Janajatikaran

The demand by the the marginalised and the oppressed Koch Rajbanshi community of Assam for scheduled tribe status has been dismissed by the central government on the grounds that they had embraced Hinduism long ago and thereby lost their tribal characteristics.

Consumerism Among the Nicobarese

Government relief and rehabilitation measures, which included generous monetary compensation, for the tsunami affected Nicobarese tribals inhabiting the southern Nicobar Islands has spawned idleness and fuelled consumerism among them, threatening the very fabric of their society.

Criminalising the Right to Protest

The recently passed Punjab (Prevention of Damage to Public and Private Property) Bill, 2014, considered draconian by civil rights activists, circumscribes the right of the people to protest against state government policies.

Farewell to Maratha Politics?

The dominance of Maharashtra’s politics by the Congress and the Maratha elite had been weakening since 1995, and the triumph of the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party in the assembly election seems to have finally brought it to an end. . Who among the contenders -- the Nationalist Congress Party, the Shiv Sena, the BJP, and a Maratha elite now at a distance from both power and its community -- will occupy the space vacated by the Congress? More than the defeat of the Congress and NCP, what marks a new era for the politics of the state is the desertion of Maratha voters from the two Congress parties. In the present scenario, the BJP seems poised to pick its leaders in the state and build a social coalition that will stand by it for some time to come.

Lessons from Hudhud

One cannot prevent nature from expressing its fury, but one can prepare better and be able to respond quickly after the event. Neither was in evidence in Visakhapatnam before or after Hudhud struck on 12 October. With climate change a reality, there will be more such events like Hudhud.

BJP's Assertive Pitch

The Bharatiya Janata Party’s decision to go alone in Maharashtra has opened up the political field and forced the traditional champions of Marathi pride to rethink their political strategy. Will this gambit by Modi’s resurgent BJP work, or will it be defeated by a reassertion of Marathi asmita ?

Mahuva Andolan of Gujarat

The Mahuva Andolan against the construction of a cement plant by Nirma on ecologically sensitive wetlands highlights the limitations of the people’s protest amid the state government’s focus on industrialisation at any cost.

Privatisation of CPRs and the Informal Sector

Illegal shrimp aquaculture is a thriving business in Chilika, though it is banned since 1996. The entire enterprise is based on informal relationships. Interestingly, post-2002 some Primary Fishermen Cooperative Societies entered this nexus. Using field data and secondary literature, this paper discusses the dynamics of the current developments.

Skewed Urban Development in Telangana

Urban development centered around Hyderabad over the last few decades has eclipsed the growth of other small and medium towns in the Telangana region, leading to “intra-sub-regional disparities”. In the backdrop of the creation of a separate Telangana state carved out of Andhra Pradesh, this article revisits the paper written by the late V L S Prakasa Rao almost 50 years back on the subject.

Assam-Nagaland Border Violence

The violence that erupted in the Assam-Nagaland border a month back has been the fallout of poor governance by the respective state governments. Their complicity in the violence is linked to the interest of extremist elements who fuel insurgency by alienating people of both the states.


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