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Centrist Polity, Decentred Politics

How has Telangana fared in the last two years? The author’s field visit suggests that water and agrarian distress continue to be an issue, with Muslims and the youth disillusioned with the government in the new state.

Political Intolerance in Bengal

Political intolerance is a bigger problem than religious intolerance in West Bengal. How will this affect the 2016 Assembly elections in West Bengal?

Third Gender and the Crisis of Citizenship

Why do transgender persons migrate to Tamil Nadu from Kerala despite the latter having high development indicators? A comparative study looks at the experience of the transgender community and their citizenship rights.

Caste Discrimination in Relief

A fact finding committee on the impact of floods and relief work in Viluppuram and Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu finds that Dalits are discriminated against when it comes to distribution of relief material and allocation of funds.

Is Agriculture Back?

Some people may be waiting with bated breath for Amravati, Andhra Pradesh's new capital but several locals are finding newer ways to earn their livelihood in this transitional period. Our fifth photo essay from the ground of the new Andhra capital.

Problems with the Eco-Sensitive Zone

Eco-Sensitive Zones are being touted by the government as transition zones around protected forest areas, that would minimise forest depletion and man-animal conflict. This report, from the Corbett National Park, suggests how ESZs marginalise local interests and would prove detrimental to conservation in the long run.

Where is Caste in Development?

A starting point for the new Maha Gathbandhan government in Bihar can be revisiting some of its own earlier proposals including implementation of land reforms , strong action against caste militias and ensuring justice to thousands of Dalits in the state, common schooling system and creating strong and equitable public service infrastructure delinked from the neoliberal obsession with growth.

Speculation and the New City

The formal foundation ceremony of Amaravati, the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh, has drawn the attention of villagers and landowners who want to give up land. Will it live up to the hype or will it fall prey to unsustainable speculation—this photo essay from the ground has some answers. The other parts of this photo essay on the Andhra Pradesh capital development is here , here and here .

Kerala Taking a Left Turn

Kerala’s panchayat elections verdict shows that the Left remains relevant at a time when the BJP is playing its communal card and the Congress-led UDF is fighting staggering corruption cases.

Woman Panchayat Candidates in UP

Khabar Lahariya reporters spent a day each in a ward of Mahoba, Banda and Chitrakoot districts with women candidates for panchayat elections. The candidates display both political mobilisation and understanding, however not quite in the way their supporters may have expected.

Why the Mithun Must be Saved

The mithun’s significance among the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh is widely known. In this article, the author explores the vicissitudes in the socio-economic importance of the mithun and why efforts should be made for their preservation.

Diphtheria Deaths in Kerala

The diphtheria deaths in Kerala have shown the signs of a public health crisis. If it is not tackled through action and awareness then it may have far-reaching consequences and demean the much-acclaimed Kerala model of health.


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