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NEW DELHI-Beginning of Post-Congress Phase

Tripura Sudhir Ranjan Majumdar thought differently and, at a press conference, is reported to have asserted that the law and order situation in THpura was better than it was anywhere else in the country. He also described the ATTF as a creation of the CPI(M) and ridiculed the demand for the postponemet of polls in the State.

WEST BENGAL-BJP s Rise as a Mass Force

blessings of the Kanchi Shankaracharya before launching her campaign. This, on the one hand. On the other hand, she constantly invoked the name of E V Ramasamy Periyar and thereby claimed the heritage of the Dravidian movement. It is tempting to recall here what Kuthoosi Gurusamy, a prominent Dravida Kazhagam leader of yesteryears once remarked about Brahminism: that even if there were to be an independent sovereign Dravidian state, with Periyar as its president, the first people to welcome him would be the Brahmins! Gurusamy was particularly sensitive to the co-opting dynamic that seems to have been a salient aspect of Brahminism since the days of the Buddha, and the recent events in Tkmil Nadu have proved him right.

Moment of Truth for Janata Dal

Moment of Truth for Janata Dal Anil Nauriya The Janata Dal had raised expectations of a possible social and political transformation. Its electoral performance, and the political mistakes and miscalculations responsible for this, therefore evoke a sense of an opportunity lost. The situation is not irretrievable, however.

Dravidian Politics End of an Era

V Geetha S V Rajadurai Its many political compromises notwithstanding, the DMK had served as the focus in Tamil public life for a range of subaltern interests to come together and articulate their concerns and anxieties. Even those who had all along been critical of the DMK, therefore, feel dejected by the bitter end to an era of Dravidian politics.

TRIPURA-Congress Grief Takes Terrible Toll

Congress 'Grief Takes Terrible Toll Rajiv Gandhi's assassination provided a handy excuse for Congress(I) heavyweights, including ministers and MLAs, to organise loot, arson, murder and general lawlessness in Tripura. The partisan forces of law and order merely looked on.

UNITED STATES-Education Muddying Troubled Waters

Education: Muddying Troubled Waters Philip G Altbach President Bush and his education secretary have presented a number of ideas which are, for the most part, not bad. But these proposals have no chance of success because of the current economic climate and the unwillingness of the Federal and State governments to devote necessary resources.

ASSAM-Congress Returns to Brahmaputra Valley

ASSAM Congress Returns to Brahmaputra Valley Kamarupee Rejected five years ago as a party hostile to the Assamese-speaking people of the Brahmaputra valley, the Congress(I) has scored notable triumphs this time in precisely these areas where also the ULFA writ runs unchallenged. The inference that the party has struck a deal with the ULFA is inescapable.

Planning for a National Commission on Bhopal Gas Disaster

on Bhopal Gas Disaster Six years after the Bhopal gas disaster, not only do the victims continue to suffer, but several crucial issues, such as the manner in which injuries should be evaluated for compensation, remain unresolved. A national commission should be urgently set up to go into these and other matters.

De-Centring the Centre Page

P R K Rao Instead of exploring and critiquing the instability and the usur- pative drive of modern scientific enterprise, the media has allowed itself to bv appropriated by the ideology of modern science. The newspaper centre page exemplifies this.

Images of Women and the Feminine in Maharashtra

in Maharashtra Meera Kosambi The series of international conferences on 'Maharashtra: Culture and Society' has, over the years, produced scholarship remarkable for its depth as well as breadth, allowing an appreciation of what is uniquely Maharashtrian while treating the region as a microcosm of the Indian subcontinent A report on the fourth conference which was devoted to the theme 'Images of Women and the Feminine in Maharashtra'.

IMF-World Bank Recipe for Soviet Economy

Soviet Economy R G Gidadhubli Abhijit Bhattacharya In the context of the openly expressed view of the Soviet leadership that economic assistance from the West is critical to Soviet economic survival, the report on the Soviet economy jointly prepared by the IMF, the World Bank, OECD and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and its recommendations assume special significance.

ANDHRA PRADESH-Two Elections, Not One

for the AGP government, it would be interesting to see how the government will talkie these problems, especially in the light of the repeated affirmations of Hiteswar Saikia that his first priority will be to tackle these problems (including the issues raised by ULFA), and his known desire to go down in history as a leader more passionately 'Assamese' than the most perfervid proponents of an exclusivist and extreme Assamese nationalism.


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