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Stars and Shadows in Madras

January 19, 1985 policies would not change. But the attempt to interpret these elections as a vote for Indian nationalism would be made. This will give Rajiv Gandhi his first advantage.

Some Philosophic Aspects of the Approach

When a whole state like Andhra heads for chaos, when NGOs in other regions threaten hold-ups and paralysing actions, when engineer executives resort to strikes, when managers in the public sector are pushed into bandhs and gheraos by a pampered working force, when the university campus is a playground for knife- wielding scholars, when the spirit of clean, honest civil and police administration can be broken by every fool leader, it is time to order a correction. Behind the depression there is solid achievement which can be built upon. But the erosion of confidence and the wasting away of healthy initiative must be halted.

Guarding the Guardians

tain that the victory of Bhutto is as much a sigh of West Pakistan's readiness to restructure its relationship with Mast Pakistan as is the victory of Mu- jibur Rahman of East Pakistan's determination to do so. It is but impossible that the Bhutto phenomenon of a degree of social radicalism superimposed on virulent national chauvinism" is hut the method through which the elites of West Pakistan would seek to perpetuate their authority and protect a structure the challenges to which are now becoming formidable. It is equal- !y possible, however, that in the conditions of West Pakistani society this was the only available form in which the basic urge for change could have found expression.

Craze for Foreign

November 8, 1969 1962) and Herbert F Lionberger: "Adoption of New Ideas and Practices", (Iowa State University Press, Ames, 1960). For references in Indian settings, see Udai Pareek: "Behavioural Sciences Research in India: A Directory", (Behavioural Sciences Centre, New Delhi, 1966) and S N Chattopadya: "Psychological Correlates and Adoption of Innovations", in T P S Chawdhary (ed): "Selected Readings on Community Development", (National Institute of Community Development, Hyderabad, 1968), 36.35.

What Is Deficit Financing

August 12, 1967 Cold Season for Sterling STERLING is again under pressure

Social Responsibility of Banks

Commercial Broadcasting and the Press IN YOUR editorial "Commercial Broadcasting and the Press" in your issue of July 8, 1967, you have expressed doubts about the assertion made at the recent All-India Newspaper Publishers Conference that small, regional newspapers depend as much on national advertising as the large national ones. In this connection I wish to draw your attention to the Pres Institute of India publication, "Advertising and Small Newspapers".

Power and Freedom

 tion. This need not be a policy of standing still, if two considerations are kept in mind. A cut in investment outlay can be turned to advantage if the emphasis is turned to output and costs. In most industries and even in agriculture, past investment has created enough capacity to generate much larger output and income than have fructified so far or are indicated in formal terms. There is considerable scope for cashing in on these benefits till a further step-up in investment can be undertaken. The recession, which has hit some industries producing mainly capital and intermediate goods, must be used to shake down the high cost structure which these industries have built up over the years. Larger investment is desirable, of course, but more so is higher output at lower cost.

Without Sachin Chaudhuri

existence mainly to the efforts of the late Sachin Chaudhuri to promote and maintain in India free and informed discussion of social, economic and political problems. Through the columns of "The Economic Weekly", of which he was the founder and editor, he offered for over a decade and a half a forum in which such discussion could proceed without constraints of any kind. It was his concern for maintaining high standards of independent journalism and free debate on vital issues concerning the country that made him take an active role later in the formation of the Sameeksha Trust and in the establishment of this new journal, the "Economic and Political Weekly''.

Intellectuals Abdicate

Intellectuals Abdicate AROUND HERE, in this country, there is little understanding of what Mao Tse-tung is after, but that does not inhibit the bouts of insensate, nearly senile gloatings. Perhaps such a release is necessary, for this nation can otherwise gloat over precious little else these days. It will be rare in the history of recent years to dis- qover hopelessness of equal quality as can be felt now. The economic difficulties are of course well known, but, pervading all, is the suspicion that this is a nation without common roots


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