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Social and Economic Compulsions behind Communalism-A Case Study

Communalism A Case Study Ratna Dutta Based on fieldwork in a small town in the Deccan, this paper examines the social and economic compulsions behind communalism. It is part of a larger comparative study of communalism and economic and political development in Asia. The broad hypothesis of the comparative study is that economic compulsions generate communal conflict in Asia, and that the religious, cultural and/or ideological idiom, in which the conflicts are sustained, is a mere expression of the more basic economic cleavages.

State Building in the Third World-Alternative Strategies

Alternative Strategies Rajni Kothari The recent struggles for political autonomy in different parts of the Third World constitute a chapter in post-War developments which call for a major revision of the current package of development theory. The short and successful completion of the liberation struggle and the establishment of a democratic government in Bangla Desh in the face of a sinister war machine backed by powerful states is only the last of a series of events.

India s Rural Politicians-Two Faces of Power

Two Faces of Power Satish K Arora The political professionals, at the various rungs of power, are men who have been voted into positions of authority and responsibility. By the accepted canons, then, they are representatives of the people.
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