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Visions for the Future One View

'Visions for the Future': One View Randhir Singh Indian economic development, with its structural logic of inequality and unevenness, has produced not only 'two Indias' and an ever widening gulf between the two, but also a society of myriad old and new oppressions, insecurities and alienations, with no jobs or ideals for its youth or vision and values for the people, a society in deep social and moral crisis.

On Kidneys and Dowry

On Kidneys and Dowry C S Lakshmi The viewpoint which talks of women wanting dowry to be given as a share in parental property and of dowry giving women a certain status confuses several separate issues like marriage, status, property and dowry as being a single issue.

The State as Private Property

Arun Shourie WE still have a few more fathoms to go before we touch rock-bottom. But We have gone far enough and the direction of descent is clear enough for us to characterise the current phase.


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