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Vive French Exceptionalism

In the 16th century, King Henri took political advice from a much older woman he was involved with, like the new president apparently does.

Homegrown Fare for Young Minds

Until six years ago, most children’s books available in India were imports. Today, local publishers are bringing out an array of engaging books that draw from our history, culture and society.

The Teeming World of Nimtala Ghat

This nearly 200-year-old cremation ground in Kolkata is part of a vibrant precinct containing old palaces, a haunted house, shops selling mouth-watering snacks and places of tantric activity.

A King of Hearts

Although Jawaharlal Nehru’s first state visit to the US was a diplomatic failure, it revealed that, like John F Kennedy, he was a rare leader who represented not just a nation’s policies but also its sentiments.

Beautifying Amritsar: Development or Disneyfication?

The revamped road leading to the Golden Temple is a hotchpotch of kitsch—revealing our monument-centric, ahistorical and elitist approach to architecture.

A Different Theatre of Justice: Jolly LLB 2

Despite containing some characteristic Bollywood flaws, the film pushes viewers to question several axioms of our law and order system.


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