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Can This Too Be Art?

The experimental nature of contemporary art often leads to incomprehension.

A City of Ciphers

Glass and steel seem to now represent the fractured canvas of the imagined city of Mumbai.

A New Coinage

Can Bitcoin, the global online digital currency, be the precursor of a new monetary system?

What We Need to Learn from Snowden

Only by organising politically for human rights, including privacy rights, can we raise awareness of the dangers of Big Brother state surveillance.

Restaging Marathi Theatre

A new crop of playwrights and directors offers glimmers of a rejuvenation in Marathi theatre.

The Constant Writer

John le Carre, the master of the spy genre in English literature, continues to provoke readers.

Wink, Grin, Baby Steps

Young, baggage-free directors are questioning the traditional Tamil-film model.

Racing with the Rain

For most of us, every word, each letter, whatever be the language, comes with a form that is unique. Words like “love”, “aversion” or “friendship” evoke different emotions, feelings and images, all quite separate from one another, never uniform, each belonging unambiguously to the person from whose...


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