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Art as Commodity

Perhaps it is more accurate to define elite art in today’s world market as currency instead of commodity, and to describe galleries and auctions as the new stockmarket.

The Great Charlie Hebdo Gamble

In publishing the material they did, the editors at Charlie Hebdo either misread the context or were fully aware of the risk they were incurring and felt it was worth taking.

Toddler Trails

Hiking through two of the largest countries in Latin America with a 15-month-old baby in tow was a particularly rewarding, if exhausting, experience.

A God of Climbing

Belapur in Navi Mumbai, the region’s capital for the rock-climbing sport of bouldering, is fast losing its appeal due to fervent religious worshippers.

Steps against Violence

For Sheema Kirmani, Pakistan’s most famous classical dancer, dance is a weapon against religious fanaticism and the terrorising of women.

The Big Fat Indian Stereotype

They see curry on my plate And begin their sad monologue About how Indian I am Wisecracks about my limited career options And remarks on my “pre-destined married life” Gaffs at “The Great Indian Nod” Reflecting their inability to distinguish our yes from a no Throw in a few Bollywood songs And they...

The Uncommon Cartoonist

R K Laxman, India’s best-known cartoonist, who passed away on January 26, aged 94, was a larger-than-life figure whose legendary status belies a strange quirkiness.

Anchoring the Past

A plan to resurrect Mumbai’s eastern docklands and maritime history would be incomplete without promoting the Marine Museum at Nhava.

Beyond Grief

Recent incidents around the world remind us that we will not be able to limit violence till we internalise the norm of individual civil rights and accept the sanctity of the human body.


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