ISSN (Print) - 0012-9976 | ISSN (Online) - 2349-8846


Forest communities in India and elsewhere are central to protecting forests and forest resources.
Alice Ekka’s protagonists are strong Adivasi women who have agency, choices, and dreams.
The skylines of Indian cities are cluttered with unregulated and often murderous cables, snagging our dreams of smart cities.
Natural birth centres promise comfortable and respectful pregnancy and childbirth services to well-to-do women who have suffered trauma, discomfort, and humiliation in hospitals.
A researcher thinks through what they can do to better understand and give meaning to the ineffable experiences of their respondents.
The non-linearity of the memory recall in Sardar Udham makes a strong case against the tyranny of linear history.
Spring Thunder tells the story of the Adivasi community’s resistance to upper-caste and capitalist exploitation of the natural world.
Systematic archiving of visual media, which offers a visible feel of people and places, can help understand and appreciate diverse communities.


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