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Cow Speak

In our country cows are often tethered but they surely deserve space to graze and romp around.

Old Cars, Old Buildings, Old Rum

Wandering through Havana is like going back in time, for Cuba is a unique country that has striven to preserve the past.

Cattle Tattle

“Extension education” in agriculture is useful in teaching farmers to learn by doing, as one veterinarian discovered in rural Bengal.

Wreaths of Laurels

The recent tendency of writers and artists returning awards in protest against ideological attacks on thinkers and scholars derives from the tradition of symbolic dissent.

Retrograde Custodians

The attempt to ban the entry of women into the famous Haji Ali Dargah in Mumbai is an irrationality shaped by regressive minds—and an insult to a liberating religious tradition.

Elegy for the Slain Bloggers

(Also for P Murugan) You see, some people are afraid of light ( Nyctophobia ) You heard what happened to him? So we have decided to collectively Scream against this darkness, Our sound waves collide. If we are in sync The through bottom up The crests add up We are heard loud Enough. If our screams...

The View from Above

The Conjurer’s Revenge Redux (Following Stephen Leacock, Professor of Political Economy, late of McGill University, Canada) Note: This is Toothcomber’s valedictory piece: with this, the column winds up. The audience had assembled to witness the Great Poverty Escape Act, conceived, sponsored, funded...

Word Wars

The disputation over Telugu highlights the need to protect our linguistic integrity and federal diversity in the face of the hegemony of a few globalised languages.

Rays of Hope

In the work of Satyajit Ray can be found a tinge of fatalism, a sense of detachment and an ethos that finds joy in birth and life, even as it accepts death with an amazing grace.


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