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A Child's Primer

Children who aspire to become budding development economists would do well to imbibe some of these hints and pointers, whose soundness is matched only by the author’s zaniness.

Down and Out in Ahmedabad

Migrant workers, who are often landless labourers, seek succour and refuge in night shelters mandated by the Supreme Court of India.

Veggie Myths

The myth of India being a largely vegetarian country is shattered by the fact that across the country, the great majority of people consume meat and fish.

The Republic and Respect

As a mix of institutional formality and universal emotional succour, the Republic Day parade offers an opportunity to deconstruct the body language of India’s leaders.

Good Bad Words

As repressed middle-class parents and an inhibited media tend to bleep out swear words, we must remember that verbal sanitation is not conducive to free thought.

Photo Retro

On a shabby sidewalk in Jaipur, the Chand brothers continue to practise the lost art of large-format photography through the lens of an 1860 Carl Zeiss field camera.

My Fellow Traveller

A chance encounter with a young brickmaker during a bus journey through the villages of Tamil Nadu opens the eyes — and the heart.

Art as Commodity

Perhaps it is more accurate to define elite art in today’s world market as currency instead of commodity, and to describe galleries and auctions as the new stockmarket.

The Great Charlie Hebdo Gamble

In publishing the material they did, the editors at Charlie Hebdo either misread the context or were fully aware of the risk they were incurring and felt it was worth taking.


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