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Mirrored Voices

A tête-à-tête with a 95-year-old Nepali cultural historian endows the experiences of both narrator and interviewee with new meaning and shared connections.

We, the Schooled Middle Class

In the light of today’s social and political environment, when secular credentials are under threat, we need to seriously re-examine our education system.

Education: Rain Water

The rain trickles far away Falls onto the dusty pavement, unknown The footsteps of children become quicker Their laughter reminding me of Sunday school; The little monks who smiled all day, giggling Behind their saffron handkerchiefs The cries from the minarets are drowned out briefly by The drums...

Prisoners' Dilemma

As undertrials continue to languish in Indian jails, only humaneness in prison reform can alleviate their condition of unfreedom—and set free their creative genius.

Gazing, Leering, Prying

The use of hidden cameras in private spaces like changing rooms shows how the male gaze objectifies women in an act of chauvinistic aggression.

Speak, Memory

If music be the food of love, play on, said the Bard, whose emotions are echoed in this piece by a hopelessly romantic wanderer.

The Smithy of Words

The utility of dictionaries has increased with new technology and internet apps making reading a better experience for both native and non-native speakers of English.

Vive la Difference!

Trying to organise an international, multicultural and secular wedding in Paris turned out to be a lesson in differing bureaucracies.

The View from Above

In an effort to impart complex ideas as simply as possible, in this edition of his column, the illogical Toothcomber tackles the profligacy of the poor and economic inequality.


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