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Listening Hard

Amidst growing Islamophobia in Europe, the only hope is in educating your own and “the other,” in discovering the rich past of coexistence, in dialogue, and exploring common identities.

Doing Science

The absence of affordable, high-quality books and magazines on science, especially in regional languages, could imperil the existence of a democratic, rational society.

Goddess of Love

The Kamakhya temple in Guwahati in Assam is awash in legends and myths that revolve around the metaphorical power or “shakti” within women.

Mighty Women,Tough Roles

Two recent stage productions breathe life into the fiery times and passions of two outstanding, trenchantly independent women, Akhtari Begum and Amrita Pritam.

Cow Speak

In our country cows are often tethered but they surely deserve space to graze and romp around.

Old Cars, Old Buildings, Old Rum

Wandering through Havana is like going back in time, for Cuba is a unique country that has striven to preserve the past.

Cattle Tattle

“Extension education” in agriculture is useful in teaching farmers to learn by doing, as one veterinarian discovered in rural Bengal.

Wreaths of Laurels

The recent tendency of writers and artists returning awards in protest against ideological attacks on thinkers and scholars derives from the tradition of symbolic dissent.


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