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Elegy for the Slain Bloggers

(Also for P Murugan) You see, some people are afraid of light ( Nyctophobia ) You heard what happened to him? So we have decided to collectively Scream against this darkness, Our sound waves collide. If we are in sync The through bottom up The crests add up We are heard loud Enough. If our screams...

The View from Above

The Conjurer’s Revenge Redux (Following Stephen Leacock, Professor of Political Economy, late of McGill University, Canada) Note: This is Toothcomber’s valedictory piece: with this, the column winds up. The audience had assembled to witness the Great Poverty Escape Act, conceived, sponsored, funded...

Word Wars

The disputation over Telugu highlights the need to protect our linguistic integrity and federal diversity in the face of the hegemony of a few globalised languages.

Rays of Hope

In the work of Satyajit Ray can be found a tinge of fatalism, a sense of detachment and an ethos that finds joy in birth and life, even as it accepts death with an amazing grace.

Cool Headed

The women of the Meitei community of Manipur have long depended on the cosmetic power of chinghi , a traditional haircare lotion.

Guru Power

Riding on the exponential power of networks, godmen and charlatans like Guruji exploit the fraternal feeling amongst fellow followers to offer specious solutions.

Atithi Devo Bhava in Japan

As a society, the Japanese exhibit exquisite politeness and immeasurable hospitality in the manner in which they deal with visitors and guests.

Dead Meat

At his death bed He said ‘I have no beef with you Dear neighbours Just an advice To think twice, nay, thrice Before you peer into someone’s plate Or ask his name to judge his faith And relegate to an imaginary box Where all made-up-enemies stay Away from your discriminating eyes And twitching hands...

The View from Above

Subsidies It is very hard for the theorist to make his voice heard above the raucous din of the uncultured voices that emanate from the underworld of a gaggle of radical elements who systematically inhabit the pages of such print excrescences as EPW, in which they make their case, once every seven...

Doing It Right

As far as teacher training in higher education is concerned, the University Grants Commission seems to have got it all wrong.


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