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A Drought of Reporting

Coverage of important issues like droughts and natural calamities is often very different in English-language and local-language newspapers. P Dhanmanjiri Sathe

With Love, Without a Country

( For Ali, whose Country will reclaim the keys) Shahid, our exchange of love has its funeral in the Ministry. Let us not write anymore --- Wish you were still alive in your country, and I were a terrorist, in mine. Wish we both had hearts that, across your Gates of Paradise, could explode a...

The Colours of Politics

The good ol’ Bard said: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” But for the good ol’ Saffron, these times are neither odorous nor politically pungent.

Jholawalla Redux

Even if it is now a bit anachronistic, the figure of the jholawalla is an abiding myth always at hand, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Layers of Ranks

It is impossible to escape the often demeaning grip of hierarchy in Indian society, which grades individuals on the basis of their ritual purity.

The Gaze

Despite the recent attraction of Indian settings for Western musicians, the fact is these productions only reshape the colonial gaze that has for centuries defined who is the subject and who is the object.

Truth to Power

By being focused and understated, the award-winning 2015 Hollywood film, Spotlight, exposes more than the sexual misdoings of priests of the Catholic Church in Boston, United States.

The Last Temptation of a Stardust

The gates of wisdom open With the promise of freedom, After lifelong trials and Day-to-day struggles, Yearning for a fresh breath as a human. The dreams and hopes are Caught in hidden hideous corridors Leading to ancient chambers where The walls display archaic laws Of discrimination. Answers...

Misreading Speech

The present problem of speech in the public sphere truly reflects, beyond the question of tolerance and intolerance, our inability to receive “speech-acts” in a proper manner.

The Last and the Lost

In society, art is in the domain of culture; equity is in that of structure. Any holistic transformation of a society must impact both these domains.


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