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Dual Identities, Parallel Lives

Could Bhogwan Singh, the actor, and Bhagwan Singh, the revolutionary, be one and the same?

Fashionable Feminism

I had attended a panel discussion on “Fashion and Feminism—Navigating a Knotty Terrain” held on the sidelines of the India Fashion Week 2016 at the Godrej India Culture Lab in Mumbai. I know as much about fashion as my Doraemon-obsessed two-year-old niece. I am one of those sceptics whom the...

Lively Sins

Most of what our religions call “sins” actually make life joyous, comfortable, and give us a sense of fulfilment.

Learning to Have More Faiths

People can believe and practise more than one religion; enforcing one or the other is the problem.

At the Bus Stop

A long wait at a bus stop in Lahaul Valley and the briefly converged trajectories of monk, shepherds, chai-shop lady, and trekking family from Uttarakhand

Art of Rhetoric in Democracy

Rhetoric in democratic politics is essential, but it must be deeply sincere and always truthful.


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