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Scapegoats and Victims

Scapegoats and Victims THE scapegoat, during Indira Gandhi's rule, was the CIA, Under the Vajpayee- Advani regime it is the IST, Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan. Not a single day passes without the union home minister discovering ISI agents somewhere.

Well Calculated Home-Coming

condones or tolerates their actions. For example, the campaign for 'social forestry' recently undertaken by the Maharashtra government among others, has been most energetic in ousting encroachers. These landless families, having no other alternative, and hoping to win legal cultivation rights eventually, are naturally vulnerable and are the first to be sacrificed when any new 'action programme' is launched by any government department. The unfortunate effect is one of penalising those among the poor who show most initiative. The crops devastated in the Marathwada villages were abundant and healthy, the result of hard work and of the natural fertility of the soil, especially where the land has lain fallow for years.

Electoral Politics and Social Change

This paper examines popular electoral politics as an integrating factor within the political system and as an agent of social change at the three main levels of the village, the State and the nation.

Crisis of National Interest in India

Rasheeduddin Khan The essence of the current crisis in India is the existence of serious cleavages not only on the essential ingredients of National Interest but, more particularly, on the operative means, the policy orientation and the tactical line.
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