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The Gujarat Gas Prices Award

 that no effort whatsoever is made to deal with the implications of this fact, there remain other grounds for asking how one can label all of this motley crowd of nations as the victims of "neo-colonialism". Perhaps they are, or perhaps some are; but if either is the case there is nothing offered by way of proof by Gough, only the statement that it is so. A remarkable statement indeed for a legatee of fifty years of the anthropological confrontation with complex social wholes! Actually, to the extent that Gough makes any allusion at all to what may be understood by "neo-colonialism" it turns out that she has in mind an application of neo-McCarthyism

Who Owns Offshore Oil

February 10, 1968 of largescale multi-product units whose products would compete with a vast range of other industrial products. This new type of competition would be much more complex in nature. To appreciate the requirements of the new situation, the emphasis of policy will have to shift from abhorrence of the large size of individual units to prevention of concentration of market power through horizontal and vertical combinations of large groups.
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