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Code of Conduct for Rural Voluntary Agencies

Solids, high BOD and COD. No treatment is given to the effluent. It is discharged alongwith domestic waste into river Sone. (5) It would be clear from the narration made above that the Orient Paper Mills is not treating all the effluent that is generated. It is treating only certain limited trade effluent and even in that case the treatment is not of prescribed standard.

Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Economics- Report on a Conference

prison, the very day after the judgment in fact, the Warangal police were knocking at the gates of the Central Prison, Visakha- patnam, with a production warrant to produce Rauf at a Court in Warangal and remand him to the Warangal prison, for he was wanted in yet another murder case as a conspirator. He had, they alleged, conspired with visitors to Warangal prison to commit a murder that thereby took place at Regondla in Parkal taluq, some time in August 1985. And so Rauf was back behind the walls of the Warangal prison.

DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS- Retrospect on New Liberalism

and arrests of a few prominent businessmen created considerable excitement for a brief while. But, the much-advertised penal action of the tax-enforcement authorities now appears to have been a smokescreen for enlarging the scope of 'amnesty

ANDHRA PRADESH- Incarceration of S A Rauf Right to Life vs Security of State

higher. However, it is an open secret today that there are any number of methods of circumventing these regulations. Are the checks on kit imports then really comprehensive enough to ensure an adequate absorption of design and development know-how in the country? Secondly, are they of a nature that would provide adequate incentive for domestic manufacturers to gear up and start producing state-of-the-art electronic components?

UNITED STATES- Tax Reform Proposal

 UNITED STATES Tax Reform Proposal (By a Special Correspondent) THE sudden and miraculuously unanimous approval of a tax reform proposal by the Senate Finance Committee has ensured the passage of a tax reform bill before the year is out. The proposal has received enthusiastic support of the President and the House Ways and Means Committee chairman. The suddenness of the overwhelming approval of the proposal is matched by its drastic provisions. Many interest groups were caught completely by surprise.

NEW DELHI- For Whom the Pay Commission Cares

NEW DELHI For Whom the Pay Commission Cares BM IT will take some more time and closer examinatiori of the report of the Fourth Pay Commission for its exact and full impact on the emoluments of different categories of Central government employees to be known. But the organisations on the lower rungs of services have not found its recommendations to be a bonanza which the media at first advertised them to be. On the contrary, there are evidently many anomalies which have already been noticed and more are bound to come to notice when the government gets down to the work of implementing the report, A number of adjustments will have to be made in the recommendations as they apply to different categories of employees with the number of pay scales having been drastically reduced.

Who Owns Third World Women s Knowledge- An Experience

 Who Owns Third World Women's Knowledge? An Experience Everlyn Nicodemus THIS account of how 800 African women were cheated and the authors' rights of African women writers violated is a long, complex and ugly story. But also very simple. Beneath all of it there is the colonial and racistic attitude of self-righteousness, disregard and arbitrariness. The Third World belongs to those who have the economic power. They have Africa at their disposal. Naturally they also have the knowledge and the creations of the Third World women at their disposal.

BALANCE OF PAYMENTS- Disquieting Trends

Disquieting Trends THE Reserve Bank of India has published the details of India's Balance of Payments for the year 1982-83 in the February 1986 issue of its Bulletin. Bolstered by higher inflow of capital and improvement in in- visible receipts, in particular the non-quid pro quo private and official trensfers, India's balance of payments position indicated a lower deficit of Rs 566 crore in 1983-84, less than one-half of the deficit of Rs 1,268 crore in the previous year. However, the balance of trade showed a deficit of Rs 5,871 crore, higher by Rs 94 crore than that in 1982-83, but lower than the figure of Rs 6,121 crore recorded in 1981-82, Net invisible receipts on account of foreign travel, transportation, insurance, investment income and transfer payments, which touched a record level of crore in 1982-83 but recovered to Rs 3,608

Victims of Poverty Alleviation

Victims of 'Poverty Alleviation' Bharat Dogra IT had to happen sooner or latter. Recently the capital city witnessed a rather new form of hunger strike

WEST BENGAL- Minimum Wages, a Dead Letter

WEST BENGAL Minimum Wages, a Dead Letter Biren Roy THE Minimum Wages Act, 1948, was enacted with a view to fixing the minimum rate of wages for employments covered by the schedule which contained industries where sweated labour was prevalent. Though this is a Central Act, state governments are empowered to fix the minimum rate of wages in consultation with the Advisory Committee formed for the purpose or by notification in the official gazette. The Act also provides for the formation of state-level Advisory Boards to co-ordinate the activities of the Advisory Committees or Sub-Com- mittees. The Act provides that minimum wages should be reviewed at intervals not exceeding five years.

KERALA- Break with Communal Alliances

to the scheduling of the tea and ex-tea garden people. The provision for reservations for the indigenous tribals of Assam has been scuttled by the invidious distinction that has been made between the plains tribals and the hills tribals. Thus the Garos, the Karbis, the Hajongs, the Dimasas, the Mon-Tai speaking peoples, the Singphos, the Hmars, the Nagas, etc, essentially hill tribals, lose their scheduled status once they come down to the plains. And the Bodos, the Lalungs, the Mech-Kacharis, etc, who are plains tribals lose their scheduled status if they go to the hills. With this bureaucratic sleight-of-hand, most of the indigenous tribal people of Assam have been deprived of reservations and, consequently, of education and some occupational mobility and diversification. The abolition of this distinction is one of the demands of the URMCA. Similarly, Nepali tribes like the Limbu, Rai, Gurung and Lama, whose migration goes back to 1826 when they came as soldiers, and who had been considered 'foreigners' by the Assam agitationists, should be designated as ST, similar to their recognition in West Bengal and Sikkim. So also the castes of Damai, Kami, Bhujel, and Sarki are to be designated as SC Besides, reservation should be extended to post-graduate education in all the Universities of Assam, also to Central government and semi-government undertakings like banks, LIC, ONGC, Railways, etc. The back-log in jobs reserved for SCs and STs should also be filled immediately.


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