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India s Dilemma

SS-18, SS-24, Model 1 and 2, SS-25 and their follow-ons. The Soviets are maintaining continuity in their strategic nuclear forces through an aggressive programme of strategic nuclear force modernisation. With the retirement of older systems, the number of strategic delivery systems is decreasing for the first time. But the number of warheads is remaining about the same, at least for the near term.

External Funding in Basic Education

External Funding in Basic Education FUNDING of basic education is one of the-major issues in educational planning. There are two edges of this issue

Undermining Tribal Culture

Undermining Tribal Culture? Mari Marcel Thekaekara If those among the SCs and STs who ascend the ladder of social and economic progress do not spare a glance at those left behind it is because the mainstream has tended to undermine and undervalue their culture.

Who Benefits Most from Damming the Narmada

Who Benefits Most from Damming the Narmada? J Patel While Gujarat, or at least certain sections of the state's population, will benefit from the Narmada project, it will be the relatively poorer states like Madhya Pradesh with large tribal populations which will bear the brunt of the damage caused by the controversial project.

Debunking the Call for Women s Slavery

seeking to enhance the quantities to be released through the PDS. Thirdly, the public distribution system is responsive and effective only in those locations which are dominated by urban middle classes. Fourthly, the administrative difficulties regarding expansion of FPS network in rural areas are significant and nothing except frequent lip service will be offered to remedy them and finally, there always will be a very sizeable incentive, equivalent to about Rs 90 crore (for 8 lakh/MT annum at Rs 12 per kg) per month, for diversion of PDS oils to private trade.

Reservations in Myth and Reality

Reservations in Myth and Reality BEHIND the veil of public professions of piety, most governments tend to conceal a secret agenda. Any analysis of government policy therefore must begin by distinguishing between the overt and the covert, between appearance and reality. Rarely however is the distinction as important as in the case of the V P Singh government's reservation policy.

Mandal Commission and the Left

It needs to be asked, as a matter of principle, whether the injustices of history can be corrected in the way the present reservation package seeks to do. Have the parameters of discussion set by the ruling class, which is facing its severest crisis of legitimacy, been thrust, upon the left movement?

Communalism and Fundamentalism-A Dangerous Form of Anti-Democratic Politics

desirable. Other obsessions have emerged strikingly so with a looming world economic depression. Also, the EC is preoccupied with the implications of a larger market for 1993. The expeditious reunification of Germany has generated, with consequences unforeseeable, a mighty hegemonic force not only within the EC but within the world economy. One that already stands in bold confrontation

On Rehabilitating Gulf Returnees

On Rehabilitating Gulf Returnees P Mohanan Pillai Any project for the rehabilitation of Kuwait returnees in Kerala must integrate the developmental needs of the regions so that targe employment gains can be obtained.

Reservationists, Anti-Reservationists and Democracy

the search for alternative energy sources was intensified, and in addition conservation became the watchword. Programmes for fuel-efficient vehicles were undertaken. Gas guzzlers gave way to small- engined, less thirsty cars.
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