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Exhausting the Limits of the Possible

In his age group, Vineet Kohli was surely one of the finest heterodox economists in India. With deep interests in structuralist and post-Keynesian macroeconomics, he researched the linkages between financial markets and the real economy, the impact of financial liberalisation on credit flows to the disadvantaged, and the mutual causality between income distribution and growth. A popular teacher, staunch Marxist and warm friend, Vineet will be dearly missed.

Remembering Eric Hobsbawm

A historian who straddled the intellectual scene of 20th century social sciences, Eric Hobsbawm leaves behind a rich, layered and also contested legacy. A member of the path-breaking British Historians' Group of Marxist scholars, he stood apart both for the expansiveness of this academic output as well as his political positions. A survey of his varied contributions to academia and intellectual life presents a picture of a man, who, despite the realisation of the failure of socialism in the 20th century, kept alive the promise of the October Revolution.

In Memory of Hobsbawm

An assessment of Hobsbawm based on the contexts and contradictions which marked his life and work. Using insights from his autobiography, Interesting Times, this tribute attempts to understand his politics and academic contributions which make him one of the greatest historians of the 20th century.

The Brilliance and Dogmatism of Hobsbawm

Eric Hobsbawm was a pioneer in introducing new methods and perspectives in the historian's craft and breaking the bounds of the discipline. His intellectual contributions to our understanding of the world, even in contexts far removed from what he studied and wrote about, are exceptional. However, his academic brilliance was scarred by his unquestioning loyalty to the Communist Party of Great Britain, which made him compromise academically when writing on the history of the 20th century. Yet, despite this fl aw, his intellectual achievements are staggering.

Reflections on Hobsbawm

This short reflection highlights Hobsbawm's influences outside the Marxist tradition and speaks about the shared concerns and divergences with the author.

Gopalakrishna Kumar

Gopalakrishna Kumar A Vaidyanathan BHASKAR GOPALAKRISHNA KUMAR, a brilliant young economist, was deprived of the great promise and potential he had displayed when his incredibly courageous but one-sided argument with cancer

H K Paranjape In Remembrance

H K Paranjape: In Remembrance HARIBHAU PARANJAPE had been ailing for some time. In a letter he wrote on September 29 last he had dwelt, matter- of-fact ly, on the possibility of his surcease in the course of the following few months or following few weeks: "I now realise that there is no real remedy to my disease. All that the doctors have been trying to do is to prolong my life as much as they can. Bui, after all, their knowledge is also really limited and they cannot do much... I have always wished that I should not die suddenly but have a few months to wind up my routine affairs. I have got nine months of this from January to now and I have done all the personally important things that I wanted to do. But now this lingering illness has become difficult to bear, not only for me, but even more for Manak, The children try to help; but after all they have their own lives and can do only a little. l have now come to a stage when l think that the earlier my end comes the better.'' Haribhau was not kept waiting beyond a little more than three months from the date he wrote the letter. The passing of a dear friend, who belonged to the same age-group and with whom there was a certain sharing of values and attitude to life and living, is a bit of death for oneself too In this particular phase of life, the disappearance of old friends cannot be compensated by the acquisition of new friendships; one is therefore pushed, inevitably, deeper in the well of loneliness.

A Versatile Economist

A Versatile Economist Deb Kumar Bose Ashok Rudra, who passed away in Santiniketan this week, had an unusual talent for locating critical gaps in the methodology of statistics as applied to economics. On every issue he discussed he had something new to say which went to improve methods of studying the issue or the understanding of it. His contributions in this regard inspired a new generation of economists to take an active interest in the handling of data pertaining to the Indian economy.

D S Tyagi

Population Control: Simplistic Approach EPW's first piece on family welfare after the 1991 Census (integrating Family Welfare and Development Programmes' by T Padmanabha, January 18) has an ominous ring. The author rightly emphasises the need for integration of family welfare with development programmes and deplores functional isolation of the programme and "adherence to routine administrative structures" but his own innovation in the form of an "apex body to formulate policy and programmes" amounts once again to adopt a simplistic approach to a highly complicated problem. Such instant, simplistic remedies have been frequently applied in the past three decades and the result has been devastating

D T Lakdawala

D T Lakdawala J C Sandesara BORN in Surat in 1916, Dhansukhlal Iblsidas Lakdawala passed away at about mid-night or April 15, following a massive heart attack, while travelling by train from Ahmedabad to Bombay.

Krishna Bharadwaj

religious harmony, quoted a government order instructing public servants to ensure that no discrimination on religious grounds should take place. He failed to add that, such orders arc being violated almost every day at the lower levels of the administration in matters like appointment and promotion

R K Hazari

November 15, 1986 R K Hazari R K HAZARI, editor of Economic and Political Weekly from September 1967 to November 1969, died of a heart attack in Bombay on November 8. He was 54 and is survived by his mother, his wife, Saroj, who teaches English literature at St Xavier's College, Bombay, and his sons Rabindra, Somendra and Hemendra.


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