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Notes for Contributors: EPW Engage


EPW Engage welcomes original, unpublished contributions on a variety of subjects (social sciences, liberal arts, news analysis, social media analysis, popular culture, contemporary art and literature, and reports from the field, among others). 

All contributions are reviewed before acceptance. Accepted contributions are assigned a volume and issue number corresponding to the concurrent print issue of the EPW on publication.

We accept contributions in the form of:

Short contributions of 2,000–3,500 words (excluding graphs and tables) on topical social, cultural, economic and political developments. All submissions must contain an abstract of 100 to 150 words. 

These may be accompanied by supplementary multimedia material.

Photo Essays
Visual narratives of issues of social, political or cultural significance. 

These must contain at least 10+ high/medium resolution photos, with captions for each picture ranging between 50–100 words. An introduction and context of the issue must accompany the photographs. The author(s) must specify that they hold the copyright for the photographs.

Podcasts must range between 10–15 minutes and be accompanied by a text description of at least 800 words in English.
Video Content
All video content must be accompanied by a text description of at least 800 words in English. Videos must not be longer than 20 minutes in duration. Subtitles in English must be provided for all Indian languages.
Authors are requested to list 6 to 8 keywords for their articles.
Style Guide
Contributors are requested to follow EPW's stylesheet
Please refer to the EPW guidelines for contributors for more details. 
All contributions must be sent to with the subject line “Engage–<Title of submission>”
All contributions must include author name, email address for correspondence, one-line author-bio stating current designation and affiliation, and author photograph (optional).