ISSN (Print) - 0012-9976 | ISSN (Online) - 2349-8846

Quarter Century of Liberalisation in India

Liberalisation officially began in 1991, but the seed for it was sown in the late 1950s by proponents of free markets. The debates over the opening up of the domestic market continued through the 1960s in India, resulting in fitful bursts of reforms. It was only from the mid-1980s that talk of liberalisation gathered steam, culminating in the decision to relax economic norms in 1991. These last twenty-five years since liberalisation have seen animated arguments being exchanged. The collection of essays in this volume captures different ideological positions on the subject and offers an informed, 360-degree analysis on economic liberalisation.
Montek S Ahluwalia | Deepak Nayyar | Prabhat Patnaik Anjan Chakrabarti T Sabri Öncü | Atul Sood Rajiv Kumar | Pulapre Balakrishnan | Chirashree Das Gupta | Surajit Mazumdar | R Nagaraj | Shantanu De Roy | A V Rajwade | Aseem Shrivastava