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State Autonomy for Industrial Development

M V Arunachalam Nehru's vision of a centralised master plan for the economic development of the whole of India is no longer feasible in the face of the hard reality of regional awareness and aspirations. There is, therefore, need today to reorder Centre-State relations with a view to enlarging the autonomy of the States, particularly with regard to industrialisation.

Trends in Land Relations-A Note

A Note Pranab Bardhan Any paper on the Indian agrarian structure must start with a disclaimer. In a country with such diverse social and economic institutions and widely divergent patterns of change in different areas it is nearly impossible to generalise. In fact for a student of land institutions in India it is too easy to be lost in a bewildering mass of diversities.

Bank Resources in the Fourth Plan

M Narasimham The estimates presented in this paper suggest that the call on banks' funds in the Fourth Plan will exceed somewhat the additional deposits that are likely to accrue to them even after assuming tighter budgeting of industrial credit in relation to the growth of industrial production.

Regional Development in Indian Planning

V Nath Economic progress in the 1950s and early 1960s was more rapid in the developed States than in the less developed ones. The tendency for more rapid growth in the developed areas teas particularly marked in the industrial sector.
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