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The Reorganised Planning Commission

'Boswel' Whether by design or otherwise, the country has had a plan holiday. If the re-organised Planning Commission takes long to get into its strides and to work out the next steps in the development process, it may have already lost a major part of the battle.

Bank Deposits in the Indian Economy-A Note on Creation and Leakages

A Note on Creation and Leakages V G Pendharkar Massive increases in bank credit to government and the private sector have vastly increased monetary resources

French Planning for India

Ashok Rudra Planning in France has indeed been exceptionally successful. Also, there are some very special features in the way French planning has evolved since the second World War.

Alternative Development Strategies-Conventional Unconventionalism

Conventional Unconventionalism D R Khatkhate Given the flagging of the pace of development in the Third Plan and, more particularly, the economic failures of the last two years, it is understandable that the basic development strategy of Indian planning should be questioned and it should be suggested that had we adopted a different strategy we would not have been in such dire economic straits.

Incomes Policy in Developing Countries

V V Bhatt If an internally consistent and balanced plan is formulated and implemented, is there any need for an incomes policy in a developing economy like India?

On Pricing in Public Enterprises

A K Das Gupta The 'no profit no loss' principle held such sway in the early stages of planning in India that public enterprises were run without any consideration for profit. But in the context of planning where one of the recognised sources of finance is profit from public enterprises, this was an untenable policy and there was pressure for its reversal. As always happens, the argument was turned the other way round and from 'no profit no loss' we have now moved to 'maximum profit'.
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