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Monopolies and Transnational ControlSubscribe to Monopolies and Transnational Control

Towards a Marxian Theory of International Trade and Capital Flow

Trade and Capital Flow Ranjit Sau This paper attempts to collect Marx's theoretical findings and integrate them in order to erect a structure of Marxian theory of international trade and capital flow.

Political Economy of Controlling Transnational-Pharmaceutical Industry in Sri Lanka, 1972-76

Pharmaceutical Industry in Sri Lanka, 1972-76 Sanjaya Lall Senaka Bibile This paper attempts to analyse the experience of Sri Lanka in reforming the structure of the production, import and distribution of pharmaceuticals during the period 1972-76.

Monopoly Legislation and Policy in India

N K Chandra The package of measures now being implemented in India is more likely to accentuate rather than remove the structural defects of the industrialisation strategy pursued in the, post-war period. With this strategy not only will monopolies continue to prosper at the expense of smaller units, but stagnation in the market for industrial goods, due mainly to the rising volume and rate of unemployment, is likely to worsen. At the same time a move towards wholesale liberalisation of the economy by dismantling all sorts of controls in the spheres of industrial investment, imports and exports as recommended by the World Bank, etc, will not alter the direction of change.
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