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Embracing Feminism

Manusamhitā can rightly be considered as a theoretical framework for the practice of misogyny, to which many, advertently or inadvertently, irrespective of caste, class and political affiliation, subscribe. Replete with verses which are demeaning and derogatory to women and absurd beyond belief, it spells out the grammar of masculinism with brutal, naked frankness.

Masculinity Studies and Feminism

Masculinity studies emerges from a conversation with feminism rather than either political activism that equates to feminist endeavours or reaction against the historical experience of oppression. But can men as social beings take part in a "conversation" that seeks to dismantle their social selves?

Men Doing Feminism in India

Aiming to bring critical attention to men's involvement in feminist social research in India, an introduction to a collection of essays on what it means to be a "man" and do "feminism."

Disrupting Coherence

It is not so much the gender of the male ethnographer which influences the collection of gender-sensitive information from the field, but it is the "gender regime" prevailing in disciplinary practices such as anthropology and sociology, which determines the path charted by ethnographers and influences their research agenda in a way that culminates in gender-blind ethnographies.

Doing and Undoing Feminism

What does it mean for a man to conduct oneself as a feminist? It is this question that the author, a legal academic, dwells on in this essay. The article can be seen as a jurisdictional auto-critique about feminism's relationship with law, which by extension is a comment on the author's relationship with both law and feminism and his attempt to fashion a lawful feminist self as a man.
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