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Dalit Protest in Gujarat

Repression of Dalits has been rampant in Gujarat and the state also ranks high in terms of atrocities against them. The recent brutal attack on Dalit youths unjustly accused of cow slaughter is an open expression of simmering casteist prejudices under the cover of supporting the Hindutva agenda.

Rohith Vemula’s ‘Dalitness’

The answer to a situation where institutions that at least maintained a facade of democracy are being destroyed and any dissenting opinion is being targeted, can come from students who oppose such moves. Perhaps, it is such students who will ensure justice for Rohith Vemula.

Two Years of an Ambedkar Bhakt and the Plight of Dalits

With a self-proclaimed Ambedkar bhakt at the helm of the government, the Dalits might have expected a modicum of directional change in policies towards them. Instead, the two years of Narendra Modi's government have led to a reversal of many of the gains made by the Dalits in the past few decades.

Dalits Cry on the Eve of the Ambedkar Festival

The more than four-month-long Bhim Yatra that culminated a day before the 125th birth celebrations of B R Ambedkar highlighted the pitiable conditions of the most downtrodden of the Dalits, the manual scavengers. While there are a slew of laws to check manual scavenging, they remain largely on paper. The Dalit leadership has also ignored the plight of manual scavengers.

Dance of the Devils

Five decades ago Babasaheb Ambedkar had disowned the Constitution and condemned it as a useless document. Today, with the right wing trampling on the spirit of the Constitution even while celebrating Ambedkar as the architect of the document, his denunciatory words ring true.

Scourge of the Scoundrels

The February episode at the Jawaharlal Nehru University conforms to a recent pattern. The Bharatiya Janata Party’s student wing Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, ministers belonging to the party and university administration collude to declare dissent as anti-national.

Rohith Vemula’s Death

Rohith Vemula’s death is not a stray case of a life claimed by caste prejudice. Atrocities against Dalits have intensified with the rise of Hindutva forces. While the persecution of Dalit scholars in the recent past has gone relatively unnoticed, the spontaneous outburst at Rohith’s death could portend a new movement against the saffron establishment.

Brahminical Arrogance

The recent slandering of B R Ambedkar by a scholar at an academic conference in Hyderabad typifies the hydra-headed character of the Hindutva project. There are scholars of such a persuasion who speak a secular language, and yet defame the anti-caste movement. All this while the political party in charge of Hindutva pays tribute to Ambedkar.

WTO's Nairobi Ministerial

At the 10th ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to be held at Nairobi, Kenya, from 15–18 December, the discourse on higher education being public/merit/private good and the covert/overt preparation of the government over the past two decades to withdraw from higher education...

Shaming the Shameless

By returning their awards writers and artists have taken an important step to fight growing fascism in the country. The present regime does not know how to respond to it but beyond a point it is futile to try and shame the shameless.

In Thy Name, Ambedkar

There is a rush for memorials dedicated to Ambedkar. The Sangh Parivar is leaving no stone unturned to appropriate Ambedkar who, given his vitriolic comments on Hinduism, should have been their greatest enemy. At the same time, the gap between the Dalits and non-Dalits continues to widen and atrocities against Dalits continue with impunity.

Greatest Threat to Internal Security

The state is not worried about the guns of the Naxalites. It is scared about the dissent they foment.


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