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Of Life, Letters and Politics

The banning of the film Da Vinci Code is irrationalism of an extreme kind, which panders to fundamentalism in one community and puts liberals in the other on the defensive.

The communists may have come back to power in West Bengal but some still think they have failed to change with the times. The feeling is that Buddhadeb has his economics right but has to carry a dated party with him.

The "slip-ups" witnessed during Chinese president Hu Jintaoâ??s recent visit to the US constituted more than mere diplomatic faux pas; they were unintentionally or otherwise, an admission of US policy interests.

M S Golwalkar, whose birth centenary the RSS observes this year, was the RSS chief who gave shape and imparted a definitive ideology to the organisation. Golwalkar's position on "Hindu consolidation", especially with regard to caste differentiation, came to differ in several crucial aspects with Savarkar's ideas on caste.

The attack on a newspaper whose only "crime" was to respond with silence during the occasion of "Shivaji jayanti" portends the rise of a new kind of cultural chauvinism.

In the short history of Indian democracy, "familocracy" has long established precedents. But familocracy, as revealed by the Karnataka crisis, sparked off by moves made by Kumaraswamy, Deve Gowda's son, appears little different from political opportunism.

A play in a local language is pulled off stage as it ostensibly offends religious sentiments. This incident finds no mention in the national press or in the English language dailies. On the other hand, a noted writer in English who turns down an award is given prominence. The question thus needs to be asked: Who or what constitutes "culture" in these present times?