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Garhwali Women Limits of Change

R S Rana Higher literacy rate and greater workforce participation has not improved the social recognition of Garhwali women. THE Garhwal region stretches from the border of south-east Himachal Pradesh to north-west districts of Kumaon, engulfing 3.2 million hectare land mass of five hill districts namely, Dehradun, Garhwal, Chamoli, Tehri and Uttarkashi. The region known as 'Kedarshetra' (sacred region) in ancient Sanskrit literature, dates back its history to Mahabharata. Sacred and perennial rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and their tributaries which originate and flow from this region, irrigate thousands of acres of land in the plains, are considered to be the lifeline of agriculture. But the region remains difficult, harsher and even cruel for its own inhabitants, particularly for women who share the greater responsibilities in household economy. This article, however, is an attempt to analyse the Garhwali woman in the context of her role in production and her social position in the family and society at large.

Politics, Property and Population Growth-Transition in Lucknow

Growth Transition in Lucknow Alam Srinivas "LUCKNOW is the fastest growing city in the country," announces Lalji Tandon, former urban development minister in Uttar Pradesh and a BJP party member. He is philosophically correct but technically wrong. With a decadal population growth of 66 per cent in the period 1981-91, Lucknow was one of the five fastest growing class 1 cities, The pace of growth has proved all experts wrong and is splitting the city's infrastructure at its seam.

Right to Information-Profile of a Grass Roots Struggle

In a historic announcement in the state assembly in April last year, the chief minister of Rajasthan had declared that citizens had the right to information to receive details of expenditure on work done in their villages and all the documents could be photocopied as evidence. However, even after a year the chief minister's announcement has not heen implemented because of stonewalling by the bureaucracy. The agitation against this called by the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan has evoked massive popular support.

Riaz Khokar Opens His Mouth-(To Put Saffron into It)

Riaz Khokar Opens His Mouth (To Put Saffron into It?) GPD RIAZ KHOKAR is easily the most popular and the most talked about envoy in Delhi, the cily of Pandavas. (Indraprastha was founded by them,) He is also the most handsome and the most articulate. He has tlvat breathtaking ability that quite a few sophisticated Pakistanis have: to carry a fundamentalist soul in a modern body. An ancient Chinese book on literary criticism recommends that good literature must combine heaven and earth and create a pattern ('wen') in that process. Khokar achieves that excellence or nearly so. He does that time and again. He must have been in a similar mood the other day when he pronounced that the elections in Kashmir could not be just and fair. (He meant India-occupied' Kashmir,one takes it, because when elections are due in 'Pakistan-occupied' Kashmir one does not quite frankly know.) Khokar must have been reading our newspapers too seriously lately or watching the various news programmes on Doordarshan. How does one explain, otherwise, this bit of futurology or predicting of electoral behaviour? Our belief in Pakistani sanity was rudely shattered. They have always seemed to us rather sensible people, largely becausethey were sufficiently sceptical of Indian political processes, if not of their own. Obviously that does not seem to be right. Riaz Khokar has his own psepho- logical machine working overtime. The first area he chose to survey was naturally "India- occupied' Kashmir. Psephologist Khokar concluded that in that part of the world a psephological exercise was not possible by definition. There is no possibility of any sort of voter-behaviour at all. Everything is just unjust. Everyting is just rigged.

United Front for Censorship

We had thought that demands for censorship came essentially from fundamentalists and chauvinists. We were wrong. An unwitting 'united front' in favour of censorship seems to be emerging.

Rabindric Fundamentalism

Rabindric Fundamentalism GPD We will condemn even a remotely disapproving remark about Rabindranath Tagore as blasphemous while merrily naming chairs in our universities after foreign prime ministers. Surely, Calcutta could have done better than that.

American Civilisation-Mongers

Right from the days of Dulles and McCarthy, American discourse on foreign policy has been dominated by a degree of self-righteousness and a certain contempt for others. The recent pronouncements of Senator Jesse Helms, chairman of the foreign relations committee of the US Congress, on India and China continue this tradition.

Lonely Hunter

Lonely Hunter? GPD We live in post-modernist and post-structuralist times. Nationalism and national sovereignty have become bad words. To western statesmen, especially American ones, these words sound particularly distasteful when they are mouthed by third world spokespersons. But unlike other Asians, South Asians for example, the Chinese do not give in to the western view that infighting and perpetual division in the third world are highly desirable.

Victory on a Platter

Victory on a Platter GPD It is not aggressive Hinduism which worked in the assembly elections in Maharashtra, but the coalition of castes; Hindutva merely provided the overarching slogan.

Amusing Times for Once

Amusing Times for Once? GPD Zhirinovsky's three-day visit was one amusing international event to have taken place in India after a long time, providing some relief in the dismal times we are required to live in, courtesy our new economic policies. However, it would be to underestimate this country to suggest that amusement in our public life was limited to the doings of Zhirinovsky or T N Seshan.

Marx Is Dead, Long Live McCarthy

Marx Is Dead, Long Live McCarthy How does a marxist poet/writer in India and Asia become 'entrapped' because the Stalinist systems collapsed in eastern and central Europe?


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