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Politics of Wheels

Politics of Wheels GPD The BJP and the BSP have demonstrated in UP that the ancient Indian term chakranemi kramena has an exclusively political meaning. Coming to think of it, the theory of politics of wheels can solve several problems nationally and internationally.

A Chinese Reading of China s History

It is quite often forgotten that Deng Xiaoping was one of those who had made the 1949 revolution in China. He did not suddenly rise on the Chinese horizon in December 1978. The famous third plenum of that month did not discover him. He was there. He had made a revolution. Now he was out to unmake it.

A Kind of State-Centre Relationship

Some myths are typical Chinese myths. One of them is that after a good half a century of virtual independence Taiwan can be and is a part of China. But is it possible that we are about to witness Act Two of the Taiwan Drama? The KMT government of Taiwan seems to be gradually giving up its pretension to being the government in exile of the whole of China.

Clintondum and Clintondee

Clintondum and Clintondee GPD It is all a question of the word and the world. American presidents give the word and the world has to follow it. For the rest, Clinton's second term will be much the same. What difference can there be between Clintondum and Clintondee?

Spelling Is All

Spelling Is All GPD Bal Thackeray knows (and so does Pramod Mahajan of the BJP) that the urban Maharashtrian response is overwhelmingly pro-Hindutva in the normal course. For them Thackeray's irresponsible utterances are an avoidable nuisance. But nothing more.

One Word Forward, Two Words Back

One Word Forward, Two Words Back GPD The Srinagar-Leh and the Srinagar-Jammu relationship is not any more equal than the Delhi-Srinagar relationship. That is one aspect of the politics in Kashmir which is more often than not ignored.

Deoras Dies

Deoras Dies GPD Deoras was the first man in the RSS leadership to recognise that in a situation of widespread indifference, consolidation of the conscious Hindu minority was the clue to political success and growth.

Shall We or Shall We Not

Shall We or Shall We Not? G P D When Marxists, Indira Gandhi's men and post-modernists get together, they can produce a remarkable document completely devoid of ideas and arguments. But then there is always a Bharatavakya' at the end of a play which does not say much, except express some pious wishes.

Language and Politics

Language and Politics G P D The strategy is clear: Speak the local vernacular to mesmerise the unsuspecting masses and speak English for those who really matter and make concessions to the multinationals.

Remembering Krishna Menon

Remembering Krishna Menon G P D Krishna Menon, who was born a hundred years ago, believed that nations and civilisations are not 'imaginary homelands'. For him, like for K M Panikkar, western dominance was the outstanding reality for most of Asia. By ignoring that you might be getting your economics right, but you were getting your politics suicidally wrong.

Right to Information-Profile of a Grass Roots Struggle

In a historic announcement in the state assembly in April last year, the chief minister of Rajasthan had declared that citizens had the right to information to receive details of expenditure on work done in their villages and all the documents could be photocopied as evidence. However, even after a year the chief minister's announcement has not heen implemented because of stonewalling by the bureaucracy. The agitation against this called by the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan has evoked massive popular support.

Fanatics and Pragmatists

Fanatics and Pragmatists G P D The Chinese have been on a modesty trip for a long time. Their standard refrain has been that they want to learn from others. Now Yeltsin seems to have adopted that line. He was so impressed, during his recent trip to China, with the Chinese economic experiment, especially the prosperity of Shanghai, that he has declared that he wants to "study Shanghai's experience in more detail".


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