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Defections Galore

December 10, 1966 operatives among agricultural workers; a concerted drive for increasing productivity; modification of the Trade Unions Act to enable recognition of majority unions; reduction of inter-regional and inter-industry wage differentials; placing time-limit for wage-boards to complete their work; and improvement in the working of the Code of Discipline, works committees and joint management councils. These recommendations are important, but it is doubtful how far they will be implemented.

Opposition Divided, Leftists Weak

Opposition Divided, Leftists Weak BY THE TIME this appears in print the Gujarat Congress will have finalised its list of candidates. In the meanwhile, there is a lot of speculation and wishful thinking meant to pressurise the Congress or certain groups within it. The large number of applicants is interpreted as an indication of widespread and growing desire for power. The desire for power is regarded as some- thing undesirable in itself; it is also regarded as the probable source of disruption within the organisation. It is also pointed out that the applicants are of low calibre, i e, they are not urban, or degree holders. When the large number of applicants was brought to Morarji Desai's notice, he replied that the number was not abnormally high and that all that it might mean was some difficulty in the selection of candidates. But, he added, that task was always difficult. That is quite true and true in the case of all parties. A Candidate for Chief Ministership Why should the large number of applicants be considered as a bad sign? In the past the selection was made "under the handkerchief". Now it is done in a sort of open competitive market. Therefore, it is an indication of disunity and loss in the weight of the word of the leader. All those who won't get the ticket

Traditional Loyalties Decide Party Affiliations

Traditional Loyalties Decide Party Affiliations THE decks are being cleared for the general elections in Gujarat. The electoral rolls have been published. The total number of voters has risen to about 11 million

Behind The Saurashtra State Demand

Only a month ago the demand for a separate State for Saurashtra was very much in the news in Gujarat. Now it is not so much in the news, and only the rumblings of a stir are heard.
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