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Twenty Years of ECE

cer corps and the other ranks in the civil administration. The non-Congress Governments of today have inherited a system they can neither break nor bend beyond a certain point. The transferred officials are officials still and will not easily forgive the new Government. The new officials chosen, undoubtedly delighted, may still be haunted "by the dark shadow of Atulya Ghosh, whose return to power, like Hare Krushna Mahatab's. is net to be written oil". Result: uncertainty.

Supplicants Too Long

two outstanding international meetings in recent weeks have all but gone unnoticed in the Indian press! The five-week session of the United Nations Economic and Social Council ended on August 5 while the meeting of the Executive Board of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development is still on. But reading the Indian press, one would think that India had no stake in either. How utterly wrong such a deduction would be! The meeting of the ECOSOC was held against the background of disappointment over the pace of development in the majority of the poorer countries of the world, and the general failure to realise in these countries the economic and social goals set up by the United Nations Development Decade
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