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A Salve for Their Conscience

A Salve for Their Conscience THE Israeli blitzkrieg (the word was used by a German newspaper) against Egypt did much more than change the balance of power in the Middle East; it also dealt a blow to an ancient and cunning enemy in the West

Price for Entry into EEC

The difference in the magnitude, dimension and scale of Bengal's achievement and its reception yesterday and today has already been indicated. Be it noted, though, that even the kind of honour Tarashan- kar has achieved in 1967 may be beyond the reach of Bengal in the years to come. Tarashankar deflected and recorded his time and society on at least long playing records; whole periods were first absorbed and then expressed in abundance. His feudal society was a vanishing quantity; but the quan- Price for Entry into EEC IT IS just possible that Harold Wilson despite his undoubted talent for political gamesmanship, will be no more successful than Heath before him

The Unshaken General

 concrete decisions may be expected only after Ajoy Mukherjee and Jyo- ti Basu have done their Haj in New Delhi. 'Mecca dur ast; even farther away is Washington or Moscow, the new Meccas for developing countries with undecided minds. Public opinion still seems firmly in favour of a non-Congress government pulling together; and no con- LETTER FROM EUROPE stituent of the new team seems impatient to get out and "go it alone", Us the late John Foster Dulles put it and some in West Bengal, include ing perhaps Pramode Das Gupta of the C P I (M), might be inclined to put it. "Consensus" is not an affliction of the Congress Party alone.

The Sparring Begins

The Sparring Begins WRITING at the beginning of the year one is always tempted to play the prophet. The course of events in Western Europe will be strongly influenced this year by developments in other parts of the world over which it will have little or no control the war in Viet Nam, the clash between Chinese Communism and Soviet, the Chinese mastery of nuclear weapons. However, what happens in Western Europe will be largely determined by the Europeans themselves.

De Gaulle s Throne of Gold

It is symptomatic of the unspoken alienation between France and the United States that the essential differences between the two countries should be expressed in terms of Vietnam. French hostility towards Washington is, really speaking, French irritation over the dominance of the Anglo-Saxon Powers. The irritation is deep-seated, the hostility of long standing. France has never reconciled herself to being relegated to the status of a 'have- been', In recent years all her energies, all her talents have been dedicated to restoring her image as of that of a Great Power.
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