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Primitive Accumulation and Urban Renewal

The urban renewal that is now sweeping across America is based on state actions fixing the cost of factors of production below market value, thereby generating super-profits for the private sector.

Beyond the World Social Forum

There is the increasing belief that transnational exchanges between grassroot social movements will come to play a crucial role in generating social change in the Americas. However, social movements that seek a greater role within the newly established leftist governments in South America may find that the World Social Forum offers too limited a space for such exchanges to occur.

Bush's War

On this third anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it is pertinent to reiterate that the act was not a shocking departure from the norm of US foreign policy. The US has a long history, going back to its founding, of intervening, often violently and with appalling effect, in other countries.

Filipinos in the US

The occasion to mark the 100th anniversary of Filipino arrival in the US also offers an opportunity to re-examine imperialism as defined in the American context. The US' aggressive colonisation of former Spanish territories would play a defining role in later foreign policy strategy; colonised populations, for their part, would find themselves deprived for many decades, of several legitimate citizenship rights.

Controlling the Bomb

US efforts to check "proliferation" are hypocritical as well as ineffective. Since the US (and other nuclear powers) are not engaged in disarmament, the hopefuls are not convinced about why they should be denied the "absolute weapon". The use of force (as against Iraq in 2003 and now a looming possibility against Iran) only serves to make other states believe that if only they had the bomb they would be safe.

How Americans See the US

The recent Pew Survey polled a wide cross-section of Americans for their views on, among other issues, the state of the US today, the performance of the Bush administration and the role of their country in world affairs. The survey report noted that this was the most "negative national assessment" in nearly a decade.

US Imperialism and the Iraq War

The occupation of Iraq and the political geography of US military bases are not different manifestations of a common project. The latter is a vital component of the long-term strategy of US imperialism, allied far more intimately with the needs and conditions of global capitalism. The Iraq occupation is the product of a more immediate and successful power grab by powerfully organised ideologues, drawing their sustenance from the most regressive elements of western political philosophy. Even as the Iraq project will be undone in the years to come, 'baseworld' will remain.

Lies that Divide

The class-race divide in the US exposed so clearly by Hurricane Katrina was also buttressed by the annual report released recently by the US Census Bureau. The continuing rise of poverty levels for the fourth year in a row, as the report records, is a severe indictment of the Bush administration's policies of 'compassionate conservatism'.

New Orleans

Hurricane Katrina caused widespread damage in New Orleans, a city immortalised for the music it gave birth to, but the tragedy that has since ensued, is much greater. Not only has the administration at every level failed to extend adequate and timely assistance, there is every likelihood that a chosen group of Bush supporters will profit from the policy corrections expected to follow in the wake of Katrina.

Leaders, Partners and Clients

The recent Indo-US agreements on military and nuclear policy need to be seen in the light of more than 50 years of US efforts to have India become a part of American political, strategic and economic plans for Asia. What becomes clear is how difficult this has proved to be over the decades. It begs the question why Indian leaders have finally started to fall in step so easily in the past few years.

State of Native Americans

The display of the exhibits and its surrounding text in a new Native American museum in Washington marks the last stand of the politically conscious among the curators and the museum makes its point well. However, the exhibits and indeed the entire museum give the impression of a rich if troubled and complex past which is no longer a burning issue.

Enduring Mythography of American Justice

Instances over the last few months, wherein perpetrators of racial crimes have been brought to justice decades after the crime was committed, constitute attempts to 'showcase' the enduring American commitment to justice and fairness. Ironically, such attempts to resurrect the myth of the American justice coincide with increasing reportage of atrocities committed by the American military.


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